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     This week we conclude the selected miscellaneous items from the June 1929 (Volume 50, Number 3) issue of The Texas Druggist. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis. Some punctuation may be added or changed for clarity.)

     Page 179 – “M. H. SHIVERS of Longview has opened a new drug store at Mineola. He will continue his store at Longview while the new store at Mineola will be under management of R. E. McCLENDON of Longview. He is assisted by S. F. HANNON of Kemp, Texas, and Miss Mary MOORE of Longview....Mr. Shivers has spared no expense to make his store a modern affair. O. E. GRIFFIN, formerly of Forney, is with Mr. Shivers at his Longview store.”

     Page 181 – “Mr. L. O. RICHARD of Royse City has recnetly accepted a position with the City Drug Store of Emory.

     Mr. W. H. WALKER, pharmacist recently of Amherst, has accepted a position with the City Drug Store on Texas Avenue, Slaton.

     C. D. JONES, proprietor of the Jones Pharmacy at Mullin, recnetly installed a new “Bilt-rite” soda fountain.

     W. W. IRWIN, formerly of Port Arthur...recently accepted a position with the Post Office Drug Company at Trinity. Mr. Irwin is the inventor of Sex-Tone.

     Mr. Fred COX, member of the firm of Cox & Malloy, druggists, has purchased the Malloy interest in the drug store and the firm name will now be known as Fred Cox, Druggist.

     Mr. E. L. FOWLER, manager of Wasner (sic) Drug Company Store no. 1, of Dalhart for the past five years, recently went to Texline to assume the management of the Wanser Drug Store there.

     Ivan B. FRY of Ladonia has recently purchased a half interest in the drug business of Lawhon-Cain Drug Company from his brother, L. F. FRY, and has assumed the duties of bookkeeper and secretary of the business.

     Tom J. TAYLOR recently purchased Perry HARRIS’ interest in the Harris and Taylor Drug Store on North Main Street, Cleburne, and is now the sole owner of the store. Mr. Harris will remain with the concern as head of the prescription department.

    A. F. PRICE, former citizen of Alice, but who has been living in the Lower Valley for the last few years, has returned to Alice to make this his permanent home. Mr. Price has accepted a position with the Eagle Pharmacy at this place.

     F. A. CORDELL of El Paso has sold his interest in the Renfro-Cordell Drug Company to W. B. ARBUCKLE and H. L. NIEMEIER. The store will be under the name of Renfro Drug Company in the future. The officers of the new company are E. T. RENFRO, president; J. F. RENFRO, vice president; W. B. ARBUCKLE, secretary and general manager; and H. L. NIEMEIER, treasurer.

     J. P. TURNER at Greenville has lately made extensive improvements in his drug store, featuring the introduction of a luncheonette, the first of its kind in Greenville. Two meals a day are served in the luncheonette—at 12 and 6 p. m. Menus are changed daily. Seating accommodations have been enlarged by removal of the present prescription case to a balcony above the first floor.”


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