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     Here are more names of ďordinaryĒ members of the Texas State Medical Association in 1892 found in the publication, TRANSACTIONS OF THE TEXAS STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, TWENTY-FOURTH ANNUAL SESSION HELD AT TYLER, TEXAS, APRIL 26, 27, AND 28, 1892 (Galveston: J. W. Burson Co., Printers and Publishers, 1892). The roster furnishes the personís name, post office, county, and usually the year elected to the association. Although the first page has no page number, the second page of the list, which begins with the surname Bond, is number 28.

BEALL, E. J., Fort Worth, Tarrant, 1874

BECTON, E. P., Sulphur Springs, Hopkins, 1876

BELL, T. J., Tyler, Smith, no date

BENBROOK, J. T., Rockwall, Rockwall, 1887

BENNETT, Edward, San Antonio, Bexar, 1887

BENNETT, T. J., Austin, Travis, 1884

BENTON, Geo. (sic) W., Woodbury, Hill, 1892
     (Editorís note: Geo. is an abbreviation often used for George.)

BERG, L. M., Laredo, Webb, 1890

BERRY, D., San Antonio, Bexar, 1889

BIRDSONG, M. J., Greenville, Hunt, 1882

BLACK, C. C., Round Rock, Williamson, no date

BLALOCK, W. C., Kossee, Limestone, 1886

BLALOCK, W. R., McGregor, McLennan, 1880

BLEWETT, W. J., Beaumont, Jefferson, 1891

BOBO, C. S., Aurora, Wise, 1884

BOGGS, A. D., Marquez, Leon, 1889

BOND, Geo. (sic) D., Hillsboro, Hill, 1890
     (Editorís note: See entry for Benton.)

BORDERS, J. M., Fort Worth, Tarrant, 1886

BOREN, A. W., San Augustine, San Augustine, 1886

BOWERS, S., Brenham, Washington, no date

BRAMLETT, ALBT. (sic) C., Decatur, Wise, 1892
     (Editorís note: Albt. may be an abbreviation for Albert.)

BRAUNAGLE, Julius, San Antonio, Bexar, 1889

BRISTOE, B. W., Flatonia, Fayette, 1885

BRITTAIN, B. F., Jacksonville, Rusk (sic), no date
     (Editorís note: Jacksonville is in Cherokee County, of which the town of Rusk is the county seat. Interestingly, Cherokee County partially borders Rusk County, of which the town of Henderson is the county seat.)

BROOKS, W. B., Dallas, Dallas, 1882

BROWN, A. P., Fort Worth, Tarrant, 1876

BROWN, B. J., Crawford, McLennan, no date

BROWN, H. W., Waco, McLennan, no date

BROWN, W. E., Gatesville, Coryell, 1890

BUIE, J., Hillsboro, Hill, 1889

BUNDY, Z. T., Milford, Ellis, 1890

BURCH, J. D., Aurora, Wise, 1890

BURGER, W. M., Cornelia, Armstrong, 1891

BURLESON, J. M. Lampasas, Lampasas, 1886

BURROUGHS, J. J., Houston, Harris, no date

BURROUGHS, Sam R., Raymond, Leon, 1876

BURTS, W. P., Fort Worth, Tarrant, 1878

BUTLER, S. L., Omen, Smith, 1892

BUYERS, W., no other information

(To be continued)

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