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     Various Kinsearching columns in February, March, April, and August of 2015 contain data pertaining to the HAMLIN, GODFREY, and WATSON families in Iowa and their kinfolks and friends. Here are a few more undated clippings, probably from an Iowa newspaper, found in the Opal and Lester Saffell family papers, currently held in a private collection in Lubbock, Texas. (Some punctuation and capital letters in proper names have been added or deleted for clarity and readability. All-caps for surnames are used for emphasis.)

     One small item states: “A. C. WATSON of Kirkwood, Ill., came Saturday for a few days’ visit with his sister, Mrs. A. R. HAMLIN.”

     A second small item states: “Fred E. WATSON of Los Angeles, Calif., visited yesterday in the home of his sister, Mrs. A. R. HAMLIN. He was on his way home from New York where he had accompanied a part of Legionaries.”

     Additional family information appears in a longer item, perhaps from a different year: “Lieut. and Mrs. Fred E. WATSON came Wednesday morning and spent the day in the home of the former’s sister, Mrs. A. R. HAMLIN. They were en route from their home in Pasadena, Cal., to Hoboken, N. J., from which point Mr. Watson expects to sail for France. About twenty-five relatives gave them a surprise call Wednesday evening at the Hamlin home. Those present from out of town were

John HAMLIN and daughter, Lizzie,

Mrs. Ellen GODFREY,

Miss Emma GODFREY,

Mr. and Mrs. Frank HAMLIN and family,

Mr. and Mrs. Albert GODFREY and family,

Mr. and Mrs. Frank GODFREY and family,

all of Elliott,


Mr. and Mrs. O. K. OLSON of Sherman township.

Light refreshments were served.”


     This week we will begin to list the names of members of the Royal Arch Masons chapter in Palestine, Texas, for the years 1878-1879. The data can be found on pages 78-79 of TRANSACTIONS OF THE M. E. GRAND ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER OF TEXAS AT ITS THIRTIETH ANNUAL CONVOCATION HELD AT THE MASONIC TEMPLE, IN THE CITY OF HOUSTON, ON THURSDAY, THE ELEVENTH DAY OF DECEMBER, A. D. 1879, A. I. 2409, AT THREE O’CLOCK P. M., which was published in Houston by W. H. Coyle, Printer and Lithographer, in 1880. (In the title, the M and E are each followed by three dots, representing the Triple Tau emblem of the organization. However, for simplicity, a period is used in this column. Because many of organization’s names of offices also include the Triple Tau emblem, only the initials of those ranks will be used in this column.)

Palestine Chapter, No. 10

     Meetings held at Palestine in Anderson County, on the first Friday night of each month. Post office: Crockett.


Orville GROVE – H. P.



H. J. HUNTER – C. H.

A. R. HOWARD – P. S.

J. W. DOUGLAS – R. A. C.

J. C. SIMPSON – Treasurer

J. H. WOODARD – Secretary

W. J. LEWIS – M. 3rd V.

G. W. CRAWSHAW – M. 2nd V.


T. S. PARKER – Sentinel

(To be continued)

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