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     Page 293 of the Texas Bar Association Proceedings of the Thirty-first Annual Session Held at Galveston, July 2-3-4, 1912 (Austin, TX: A. C. Baldwin & Sons, 1913) furnishes a list of the names of the presidents of the Texas Bar Association. The roster supplies the individual’s name, place of residence, and years of the term of office.

Thomas J. DEVINE, San Antonio, 1882

T. N. WAUL, Galveston, 1882-3

J. H. MCLEARY, San Antonio, 1883-4

B. H. BASSETT, Brenham, 1884-5

A. J. PEELER, Austin, 1885-6

T. J. BEALL, El Paso, 1886-7

W. L. CRAWFORD, Dallas, 1887-8

F. Charles HUME, Galveston, 1888-9

H. W. LIGHTFOOT, Paris, 1889-90

Norman G. KITTRELL, Houston, 1890-1

Seth SHEPERD, Dallas, 1891-2

John N. HENDERSON, Bryan, 1891-3

S. C. PADELFORD, Cleburne, 1893-4

Thomas H. FRANKLIN, San Antonio, 1894-5

William L. PRATHER, Waco, 1895-6

William H. CLARK, Dallas, 1896-7

William AUBREY, San Antonio, 1897-8

Frank C. DILLARD, Sherman, 1898-9

Presley K. EWING, Houston, 1899-1900

M. A. SPOONTZ, Fort Worth, 1900-1

James B. STUBBS, Galveston, 1901-2

Lewis R. BRYAN, Houston, 1902-3

T. S. REESE, Hempstead, 1903-4

H. C. CARTER, San Antonio, 1904-5

H. M. GARWOOD, Houston, 1905-6

A. L. BEATY, Sherman, 1906-7

A. E. WILKINSON, Austin, 1907-8

Yancey LEWIS, Dallas, 1908-9

Wm. H. BURGES, El Paso, 1909-10
     (Editor’s note: Wm. was a common abbreviation for William.)

Hiram GLASS, Texarkana, 1910-11

R. E. L. SANER, Dallas, 1911-12

John T. DUNCAN, La Grange, 1912-13

     Preceding the roster of presidents is a page titled “In Memoriam.” Appearing on the page are the name and place of residence of the following persons:

A.L. DAVIS, Houston

Z. I. HARLAN, Marlin

Philip LINDSLEY, Dallas

Carlisle B. MARTIN, Houston

L. W. MOORE, La Grange


Roland H. STOKEY, Dallas

J. L. YOUNG, Cooper
     (Editor’s note: To find date of death for some of these individuals, see Kinsearching columns in 2009 dated November 1, 8, and 15 and December 20 and 27.)

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