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     This week we continue with more selected data listed under place names in the 9(?) June 1917 (Vol. 22, No. 23) issue of The Haskell Free Press, published in Haskell, TX. Like the date, a few spots on this particular copy of the page are difficult to read. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis; researchers will notice surnames or given names may have different spellings, some due to typographical errors. For clarity, some punctuation and capitalization of place names have been added.)

News from Cottonwood

     “Mr. and Mrs. Jno. E. (sic) FOUTS spent [l]ast week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. H. TAYLOR.

     Mr. and Mrs. Jno. C. (sic) FOUTS spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. G. H. TAYLOR.

     Mrs. JONES and son Raymond of Pleasant View spent Sunday at I. N. FARRHS (sic).

     Mr. and Mrs. John MAYFIELD and Mrs. I. N. FURH (sic) visited relatives at Eskota Saturday and Sunday.

     Della MATHISON, Elsie MAYFIELD, Edd BROWN, and Lloyd FURRH (sic) attended church at Pleasant Valley Sunday afternoon.

     Martha MAYFIELD and Travis POGUE were married Sunday afternoon at Weinert at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alvie COUCH. Rev. MCCAULLY officiating (sic). They leave Monday evening for Sulpher (sic) Springs, Texas, for their future home.

     Mr. and Mrs. D. C. NICHOLSON were shopping in Haskell Saturday.

     Mr. and Mrs. H. TANNER, Mrs. TURNER and daughter, and Mrs. HASQUE of Vivian, Texas, have been visiting relatives in this community.”

News from Meyers

     “Misses May and Ruth BLAIR of this place have been visiting relatives in Haskell this week.

     The young folks were entertained with a party at John DRAPER’s Thursday night....

     Mr. and Mrs. D. T. ELMORE were shopping in Weinert Wednesday.

     The young people were intertained (sic) with a singing at J. P. HARRISON’s Sunday night....

     Mrs. J. P. HARRISON and daughter, Miss Willie, visited Mrs. C. F. OWMAN (sic) Tuesday evening.

     Mr. and Mrs. G. E. ROACH and son Jim and daughter of Clay County visited C. F. OMAN (sic) and family Monday night.

     Mammie OMAN of this community visited the Misses WHEELERS Sunday.

     Rev. ROBERTS of Rochester preached at Curry Chapel Sunday.”

News from Rose

     “Earl BISHOP and family [and] Will MULLINS and family visited S. M. HAYS last Sunday.

     Marshal DAVIS (sic) and his brother, Wesley, made a short call on S. M. HAYS last Wednesday night.

     Marshal DAVIS and family visited Mrs. T. R. GORDON last Sunday.

      The p[a]rty at G. W. HENSHAW’s last Friday night was enjoyed by a large crowd.

     Mrs. KENDRICK and daughter, Eva, visited at Mr. G. W. HENSHAW’s last Thursday.

     Blake, Clyde, and Earnest (sic) JOHNSON of Whitman were in our community Saturday night and Sunday.

     J. L. MEANS is the proud owner of a self-playing piano.

     Numa and Jim MEANS and Alice HAYS attended the party at O. E. COX’s of Gauntt last Saturday night.

     Maria and Voda PILAN and the ROBISON girls visited Numa MEANS Sunday evening.

     Bro. E. T. MILLER of Abilene fileld (i.e., filled) his regular appointment here Saturday night and Sunday.

     Lotis STONE was motoring in our community last Sunday.

     Miss Beulah TREDWELL of Foster attended church here Sunday.

     The singing at Mr. WRIGHT’s Sunday eve was enjoyed by all present.”


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