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     Now available—the fourth edition of Val D. Greenwood’s classic handbook, THE RESEARCHER’S GUIDE TO AMERICAN GENEALOGY. Arguably called the best book written about family research in the United States, this new revised and expanded (more than one hundred pages) version includes the latest information concerning significant technological advances that facilitate genealogical research.

     Because knowledge of basic research principles is essential in tracing one’s lineage, Greenwood’s book continues to provide instructional information pertaining to fundamental genealogical techniques. In addition, the author discusses various types of evidence in order to help researchers analyze and evaluate data they may find. An individual’s understanding of these aspects is crucial for successful research, regardless of any technological advances.

     The largest portion of the publication concerns all the main genealogical resources, ranging from the local to the state to the national level. Individual chapters deal with subjects like vital statistics, census, wills and probates, land, church, cemetery, court, and military records as well as research institutions like the National Archives and major libraries. One special chapter discusses the property rights of women and how laws and customs affected inheritance.

     Since technology has greatly influenced the field of genealogical research in recent years, the author devotes two chapters to the subject as it pertains to family history research. He explains computer terminology and specific genealogical applications, including premier family history websites and internet resources. He also supplies in the text updated information about internet websites pertinent to the topic discussed in virtually every chapter.

     Designed to be both a textbook and an all-purpose reference work, THE RESEARCHER’S GUIDE TO AMERICAN GENEALOGY remains a comprehensive handbook with useful up-to-date material. In fact, it has often been the textbook of choice at colleges and universities where courses in American genealogy are taught. Highly recommended for every library’s genealogical collection, Greenwood’s volume would make a good Christmas gift for the genealogist in your family.

     The 778-page softbound publication has a preface, illustrations, charts, and an index. To the book’s price of $49.95, buyers should add the cost for postage and handling charges. For U. S. postal mail, the cost is $5.50 for one book and $2.50 for each additional copy; for UPS, the cost is $7.50 for one copy and $2.50 for each additional book. The volume (item order #GPC2364) may be purchased by check, MasterCard, or Visa from Genealogical Publishing Co., 3600 Clipper Mill Rd., Suite 260, Baltimore, Maryland 21211 (for phone orders, call toll free 1-800-296-6687; fax 1-410-752-8492; website

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