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     This week we continue with selected items from THE TEXAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION BULLETIN, Volume 47, Number 2 (March 1926), which was published in Forney, Texas.(Surnames are capitalized for emphasis and some punctuation may be added for clarity.)

     Page 6 – In February 1926, R. L. READER, Assistant Secretary of the Southwest Texas Druggists Association at San Antonio, organized the Lower Rio Grande Valley Retail Druggists Association in McAllen, Texas. (A photograph of R. L. READER, accompanies the article.) Officers elected for the ensuing year were

Forest POWEL (sic) of Weslaco Drug Company, Weslaco, Vice-President; and

H. G. H. WEINERT of Eagle Pharmacy, Brownsville, Secretary and Treasurer.

     Members appointed to the Executive Committee were

Dick HENDERSON, Henderson Drug Store, San Juan;

Frank WILLIS, Palace Pharmacy, San Benito; and

H. C. ALSTON, Alston Drug Company, Mercedes.

     Three men composed the Committee on Commercial Relations:

Randyl (sic) SYMONDS, Weslaco Drug Store, Weslaco;

Manuel CISNEROS, Cisneros Drug Store, Brownsville; and

H. P. PETERSON, City Drug Store, Mission.

     The Membership Committee consisted of

Jose Matinez (sic), Martinez Drug Store, Brownsville;

H. M. TURNEY, Turney Drug Store, Harlingen; and

Otto KUSEL Pharmacy (sic), Edinburg.

     Program and Publicity Committee members were

H. H. BURCHARD, Burchard Pharmacy, Harlingen; and

J. F. BARTLEY, Alamo Drug Store, Alamo.

     Page 7 – On 4 February 1926 in Paris, Texas, druggists in the area decided to form a district organization to be known as the Northeast Texas Pharmaceutical Association. Selected temporary officers were Will H. CAMPBELL of Paris, President; and R. O. MURPHEY OF Paris as Secretary.

On 25 February in Paris, a committee recommended these men for the organization’s first authorized officers:

Will H. CAMPBELL, Paris, President;

E. R. STILES, Clarksville, First Vice-President;

Lonnie HOOTEN, Cooper, Second Vice-President;

R. F. MURPHEY, Paris, Secretary;

Hoyt JENKINS, Paris, Assistant Secretary; and

John B. LITTLE, Honey Grove, Treasurer.

     Above the article is a group photograph of Hoyt JENKINS, R. F. MURPHEY, and Will H. CAMPBELL.

     Page 8 – As new president of Houston Drug Co., R. T. “Bob” GIBBS, had his picture included in this volume.

     “A. O. CURRY, of Marlin, Texas, has purchased the interests of Henry CURRY and Arthur CURRY in the Curry Drug Company there, after having been absent from business a year. Henry and Arthur CURRY have sold three drug stores in Waco also, and the latter will go to Waxahachie to manage two stores, which the brothers own in that place.”

(To be continued)

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