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     Here are some selected items from December 1927 (Volume 49, Number 1) issue of The Texas Druggist. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis. Some punctuation may be added or changed for clarity.)

     Page 21

     “The many friends of former President RIKE will regret to know that he has lately gone through a three weeks’ siege at Baylor Hospital; at the same time, they will be glad to know that he is now well on the way to recovery.”

     The heading, “Old Firm with a New Name,” appeared above the following item:

     “The name of the Curlin Pharmacy at Waxahachie has been changed to Swain’s Pharmacy, Inc. Associated with Mr. Henry SWAIN is (sic) Dr. W. P. SIMS, Dr. M. E. HASTINGS, Dr. J. B. JENKINS, [and] Dr. D. H. THOMPSON, all of whom are stockholders in the firm.

     Mr. Swain is well-known among the drug men of the state and an active member of the State Association. He was made manager of Curlin’s Pharmacy in 1914, serving under the late Lem C. CURLIN, who, at the time, operated two drug stores in Waxahachie.

     Following the death of Mr. Curlin in 1922, Mr. Swain and his associates purchased the drug store, which he was managing from the Curlin estate, incorporating the business and operating it under the same firm name.”

     Page 49

     “The Crescent Drug Store opened for business in the new Crawford Hotel at Big Spring, Nov. 10th. The store is equipped with attractive fixtures including [a] soda fountain. H. L. TALLEY and his son, L. A. TALLEY, formerly of Electra, are proprietors.

     Nowlin Drug Store at Fort Worth chartered Nov. 16th. Incorporators [are] H. B. NOWLIN, Sr.; H. B. NOWLIN, Jr.; and H. C. NOWLIN.

     McMullen & Walker Drug Co., Lufkin, chartered Nov. 15th. Incorporators [are] A. M. WALKER, M. M. McMULLEN, and L. N. DUNMAN.

     The Fatheree Drug Co. have (sic) purchased the H. & K. Drug Store at Pampa, Texas, and are operating two stores. The proprietors and (sic) Clyde F. FATHEREE and V. E. FATHEREE. They employ four registered pharmacists.

     Franklin C. MEYERS is now manager of Renfro’s Drug Store No. 11 at Fort Worth.

     J. W. DuBOSE of Robstown has bought the Aransas Drug Co. and it will hereafter be known as the DuBose Drug Store. Mr. DuBose is a pharmacy graduate from the State University.

     E. L. ROBERTSON of Lubbock has opened up a second store, having bought the bankrupt store of Hall-Benson. Sam LIGHTFOOT and Dude BUSTER are in charge of the new place.

     With the annexation of the town of Harrisburg as a part of the city of Houston, the Harrisburg Drug Company became the oldest drug firm in that city. This store was established in 1837. At the time this store was established, Harrisburg was a thriving little city and Houston was just a ‘stick in the mud.’

     Catchings Drug Store at Slaton sustained a loss of about two hundred dollars from burglars on the 6th of November.

     One hundred and forty pharmacy students took the Board Examination at Fort Worth in September.”


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