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     The selected items below are found in the "Folks and Facts" column on page 24 of the 15 Dec 1910 (Vol. 22, no. 50) issue of The Baptist Standard, Dallas, TX.

     "The Baptist Missionary Society of England is reported to have received $2,334,630 from the estate of Mr. Robert ARLINGTON, of Leads. Mr. Arlington has willed that the legacy, principal and interest, must all be expended within twenty-one years.

     Brother G. A. BARTLETT has moved from Center to Goliad where he has accepted the pastorate for half time.

     Mrs. Jane BEAM, 102 years old, when asked for advice as to how to reach a happy old age, said: 'Not to gossip and to read good books. Next to the Bible my favorite book is Spurgeon's sermons.'

     The church at Abernathy has secured as pastor for half time Brother Q. BROWN of Big Spring. He has moved on the field.

     The Home Board has received $10,000 from the estate of Mr. J. C. BUSH of Mobile, Ala. It will be devoted to the building and loan department of the Board, and will be known as the 'J. B. Bush Fund.'

     Brother J. C. COOK, of Moody, has been called to the pastorate at Miles.

     We have word that the Abbott church has called Brother CURLEE for half time. We presume this is Brother Geo. A. CURLEE of Waco.

     Brother Joe W. ENGLISH and Song Evangelist A. T. WHITTAKER aided Pastor H. F. JONES in a good meeting at Petrolla.

     The Standard acknowledges a pleasant call from Rev. P. H. FAULK of Indiana. Brother Faulk is spoken of in the highest terms by the Indiana brotherhood. He comes to test the Texas climate, and he has made a most favorable impression on all who have met him. Any church desiring to get in touch with him may address him at Dallas, care of the Baptist Standard.

     The Baptist Standard is notified that Brother B. C. HORTON, of Sulphur Springs, formerly with the B. M. A., 'has returned to the Convention Baptists, hung his hat upon the old peg and gone to work.' He is most cordial welcomed home.

     We have received a copy of highly commendatory resolutions passed by the church at Crafton, concerning their recent pastor, Brother O. H. HULLINGER, who has accepted the pastorate at Weir.

     Evangelist S. W. KENDRICK is assisting Pastor AIRHART at Alvin in a prosperous meeting.

     Brother A. B. LANE has moved from Gunsite to Eolian.

     Secretary Marion LAWRENCE writes that the outlook for the Thirteenth International Sunday School Convention which will be held in San Francisco, June 20-27, 1911, is exceedingly bright and encouraging.

     Pastor Luther LITTLE, of the Worth Temple church, Fort Worth, has delighted his people by announcing his declination of the call of the Tabernacle Baptist church, Seattle, Wash.

     The Examiner nominates Dr. Robert Stewart MACARTHUR as president of the Baptist World Alliance.

     The minutes of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, recently in session in Houston, are now ready for delivery and may be had by addressing Secretary F. M. MCCONNELL, Slaughter Building, Dallas, enclosing six cents postage per copy."

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