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     Besides discovering who one’s ancestors are and when and where they resided, genealogists want to know as many details as possible about their forebears, such as their occupation, hobbies, religion, and various things they accomplished. Information about people in bygone eras is sometimes found in unexpected sources. The publication, THE NATURAL RESOURCES AND ECONOMIC CONDITIONS OF THE STATE OF TEXAS: REPORT OF AN EXAMINATION MADE BY A SPECIAL COMMITTEE OF THE MERCHANTS’ ASSOCIATION OF NEW YORK, BY INVITATION OF THE GOVERNOR AND LEGISLATURE OF TEXAS, DECEMBER 1901 (copyrighted in 1901 by The Merchants’ Association of New York) furnishes names of individuals who participated in an interesting exchange of events in the early 1900s.

     According to the “introductory” on pages 1-2, the examination of Texas’s resources and economic conditions occurred after the destructive hurricane devastated Galveston on 8 September 1900. The Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York and The Merchants’ Association of New York raised a large fund for Galveston’s relief. Afterward, Texas Governor Joseph D. Sayers went to New York to attend a “bazaar” to benefit orphans in Galveston. While there, Sayers made an official call upon the officers of the Chamber and the Association to thank them for their generous help. The merchants gave the governor a reception that was attended by many Association members. John CLAFLIN, chairman of the Galveston Relief Committee of The Merchant’s Association and member of the Relief Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, presided at the affair. Sayers told the men about some circumstances that would make the Lone Star State a good place for industrial development and invited the New Yorkers to come and see for themselves.

     In March 1901, William F. KING, president of the Merchants’ Association of New York, appointed a special committee to visit Texas. King also designated William R. CORWINE, “of the office of The Merchants Association,” to be his representative and to make arrangements for the trip. The committee’s report of the tour resulted in the publication of this book.

p. 4 – Members of the Texas State Reception Committee

Edwin CHAMBERLAIN, Chairman, San Antonio

S. P. SKINNER, Vice-Chairman, Waxahachie

Louis J. WORTHAM, Secretary, Austin

E. H. R. GREEN, Terrell

H. B. RICE, Houston

J. A. KEMP, Wichita Falls

E. J. FRY, Marshall

B. B. PADDOCK, Fort Worth


R. J. KLEBERG, Alice

W. A. WILLIAMS, Greenville

W. W. HOSKINS, Velasco

W. C. HARGROVE, Pittsburg

J. M. PIERSON, McKinney

p. 5 – Delegates of The Merchants’ Association

Alvah TROWBRIDGE, Chairman; President Ninth National Bank and President American Bankers’ Association

Dick S. RAMSAY, President Hide and Leather National Bank

William G. HOOPLE, Investor and Director Hide and Leather National Bank

George C. POTTER, Hutchens & Potter, Manufacturers, Johnstown, NY

(To be continued)

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