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      In this column we will finish the "selected" excerpts from the yearbook TEXAS FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S CLUBS ANNUAL, 1916 - 1917. The information on officers for 1915 - 1917 comes from pages 9 - 15 of the club directory. Entries provide the name(s) of the committee members, the committee on which they served, and the location of the club to which they belonged.

Executive committee - Mrs. J. C. TERRELL, Marshall

Club Extension - Mrs. W. E. DAVIS, Childress

Painting and Badge - Mrs. G. J. NUNN, Amarillo

Transportation - Mrs. Robert CRAY, Quanah; Mrs. Julian WOOD, Mexia

Civic Art - Mrs. Fred POWERS, Quanah

Civil Service Reform - Mrs. C. H. NEWBY, Quanah

Parks and Playgrounds - Mrs. C. T. WATKIN (sic), Quanah

Waterways and Forestry - Mrs. Sam L. SEAY, Amarillo

History - Miss Emma LAKE, Marshall

Kindergarten - Mrs. A. W. LONG, Childress; Mrs. Dabney WHITE, Tyler

Political science - Mrs. Bryan SNYDER, Marshall

Food Sanitation - Mrs. Eugene O. McWHORTER, Longview

Made-in-United States - Mrs. T. E. SWANN, Tyler

Rural Life - Miss Margie E. NEAL, Carthage

Rural - Mrs. E. L. HOUGHTON, Memphis
(Editor's note: In another place in the directory the surname appeared as HAUGHTON.)

Literature and Library Extension - Mrs. L. A. WELLS, Amarillo

Also under Library Extension - Mrs. J. C. TERRELL, Marshall, State Chairman

Music - Mrs. R. A. SEXTON, Marshall

Public Health - Mrs. Sterling BUSTER, Childress

Motion Picture Survey - Miss Ella POWER, Archer City

State Education and School Patrons: Mrs. B. L. JENKINS, Clarendon; Mrs. Jessie McLENDON, Mexia

Credentials - Mrs. O. L McKNIGHT, Center, State Chairman

Rules and Regulations - Mrs. J. W. LONGSTRETH (sic), Plainview

Resolutions - Mrs. Edmund KEY, Marshall

     In 1916 the nineteenth annual convention of the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs took place in Sherman, Texas, on November 14-17.