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     This week we continue with the list of names of ďordinaryĒ members of the Texas State Medical Association in 1892 found in the publication, TRANSACTIONS OF THE TEXAS STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, TWENTY-FOURTH ANNUAL SESSION HELD AT TYLER, TEXAS, APRIL 26, 27, AND 28, 1892 (Galveston: J. W. Burson Co., Printers and Publishers, 1892). The roster furnishes the personís name, post office, county or state, and usually the year elected to the association.

Page 33

PATTERSON, G. M. D., Franklin, Robertson, 1889

PAULUS, A. D., Flatonia, Fayette, no date

PEARL, Michael, Houston, Harris, 1885

PENNINGTON, W. H., Drop, Denton, 1886

PERKINS, A. N., Sabine Pass, Jefferson, no date

PHILLIPS, J., Wharton, Wharton, no date

PITTS, F. M., Jr., Hubbard City, Hill, no date
     (Editorís note: The town is now called Hubbard.)

POPE, B. A., Dallas, Dallas, no date

Page 34

POPE, Irvin, Tyler, Smith, 1888

POPE, Jno. H., Marshall, Harrison, no date
(Editorís note: Jno. was a common abbreviation for John.)

POPE, R. J., Jonesboro, Coryell, 1891

POWELL, W. M., Albany, Shackelford, no date

POWELL, W. P., Willis, Montgomery, no date

POYNOR, J. S., Bartlett, Williamson, 1891

PRATT, J. M., Aquilla, Hill, 1891

PRESTON, John, Terrell, Kaufman, 1887

PRINCE, J. E., Big Springs (sic), Howard, 1890

PUGH, W. W., Rusk, Cherokee, 1892

RABB, E. M., Hallettsville, Lavaca, 1887

RAINES, C. B., Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto, 1890

RAMSDELL, C. M., Marble Falls, Burnet, 1884

RANDALL, L. J., Aurora, Wise, 1890

RAPE, Thos. A., Ballinger, Runnels, 1891
     (Editorís note: Thos. was a common abbreviation for Thomas.)

RAWLINS, B. L., Dallas, Dallas, 1890

RAY, D. M., Whiteright, Grayson, 1882

REEVE, J. R., Johnson City, Blanco, 1889

RENFRO, J. C. B., LaGrange, Fayette, 1875

RENTZ, J. H., Ferris, Ellis, 1890

RICE, S. P., Marlin, Falls, 1881

RICHARDSON, D. P., Henderson, Rusk, 1892

RICHMOND, W. T., Manor, Travis, 1891

RILEY, H., Bowie, Montague, 1890

ROBERT, J. J., Hillsboro, Hill, no date

ROBUCK, T. B., Italy, Ellis, 1892

ROGERS, J. D., Chappel (sic) Hill, Washington, no date

ROGERS, W. L., Temple, Bell, no date

ROSSER, C. M., Dallas, Dallas, 1886

RUTHERFORD, R., Houston, Harris, no date

SAUNDERS, B., Bonham, Fannin, 1877

SAVAGE, W. S., Denison, Grayson, 1888

SCHMIDT, F. A., Schulenberg, Fayette, 1889

SCOTT, M. M., Brownwood, Brown, 1891

SEALE, W. H., Marquez, Leon, 1891

SELLMAN, B. E., Rogersí (sic) Prairie, Leon, 1892

SEARS, J. H., Waco, McLennan, 1869

SHIRLEY, D. G., Tyler, Smith, 1892

SESSIONS, E. L., Hillsboro, Hill, no date

SHANDS, N. B., Forney, Kaufman, 1886

(To be continued)

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