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     This week we conclude the selected items from the "Deaths" columns of the 8 Nov 1918 (Vol. XXXIV, No. 12) issue of the Dallas Semi-Weekly Farm News, published in Dallas, TX. Located on page 2, columns 3 and 4, the death notices pertain to individuals who lived in or were from the Lone Star State. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis.) For background information about the influenza pandemic and World War I, see Kinsearching column dated 21 December 2008.

     Waco, Oct. 25 - "Mrs. Edna KATZ, aged 28, died early yesterday afternoon. Spanish influenza with pneumonia, was the cause of death. She had been ill less than a week. Mrs. Katz was born and reared in Gainesville, but had lived here for the last ten years. She is survived by her husband, Louis S. KATZ, a little daughter, and other relatives.

     Waco, Oct. 31 - George H. LUEDDE, aged 63, local manager for the August A. Busch Company of St. Louis, died late last night of pneumonia.

     Greenville, Oct. 25 - J. W. MANNING died here yesterday morning of pneumonia, following an illness of several days. Mr. Manning was a leading attorney of this section and had served the county in the capacity of County Judge and Prosecuting Attorney. He was formerly Mayor of Commerce, this county, before moving to Greenville about ten years ago. Judge Manning was prominent in local church and lodge circles, being a member of the Methodist Church and of the Masonic lodge.

     Waxahachie, Oct. 29 - Mrs. Annie MARTIN, wife of Lieutenant Exline MARTIN, died in a hospital at Washington this morning from pneumonia. She had been ill about ten days. Mr. and Mrs. Martin were married here in June and went at once to Washington, where Lieutenant Martin is stationed. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. SAWYER of this city. The body will be shipped here for burial.

     Stanton, Oct. 29 - Alvin O. MERRICK, Jr., member of the firm of Merrick & Son, who for years was in business here, died of influenza at Wichita Falls, and was buried here yesterday.

     Denison, Oct. 26 - The body of Charles High MURPHREY, aged 24 years, a salior (sic), who died Sept. 24 near the English coast, arrived here Friday night. Soon after the arrival of the body a telegram was received announcing the death of Truman MURPHREY, a brother, which occurred at Blackwell, Ok (sic). Truman Murphrey recently left Denison for Blackwell to engage in contracting and carpenter work. His body will arrive in Denison Sunday noon and a double funeral for the two brothers will be held from their father's home, 801 West Johnson street. Truman MURPHREY is survived by his father, wife, child and a sister, Mrs. T. J. MURPHREY of Dallas. Charles MURPHREY was not married.
     (Editor's Note: "Salior" is apparently a misprint of "sailor.")

     Plano, Oct. 29 - Mrs. Mattie M. PALMER, wife of D. L. PALMER, agent for the Cotton Belt here, died this morning of pneumonia, following influenza.
     (Editor's Note: The "Cotton Belt" was a nickname for the St. Louis Southwestern Railway.)

     Frisco, Oct. 29 - Erskine F. ROGERS, proprietor of the Rogers Drug Company, died this morning with pneumonia, following an attack of influenza.

     Texarkana, Oct. 25 - N. A. WEBSTER, aged 39, for several years one of the best-known timbermen in this section, died Wednesday night of pneumonia, following an attack of influenza. During the recent fourth Liberty loan drive he was one of the hardest and most successful workers."
     (Editor's Note: Used as a means to finance World War I, the U. S. Congress authorized several loan acts. The first four were called "Liberty Loans." Accompanying each loan act was a huge "drive," aimed at persuading people to buy bonds. More than 65 million individuals responded.)

     Other deaths following influenza attacks in Texarkana were:
C. W. CARD, 52;
Mrs. Jessie FLAGG, wife of L. C. FLAGG;
Mrs. Harriet HALDEMAN;
Miss Edith STEELE, clerk in the Presbyterian Book Store;
and Dan MALONE. "The latter's home was at Foreman, Ark., and he died in a local hospital, where he was brought a few days ago for treatment."


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