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     This week we continue with names of individuals found in the publication, THE NATURAL RESOURCES AND ECONOMIC CONDITIONS OF THE STATE OF TEXAS: REPORT OF AN EXAMINATION MADE BY A SPECIAL COMMITTEE OF THE MERCHANTS’ ASSOCIATION OF NEW YORK, BY INVITATION OF THE GOVERNOR AND LEGISLATURE OF TEXAS, DECEMBER 1901.(For background information, see Kinsearching column dated 23 December 2012.)

p. 5 – More delegates of The Merchants’ Association

Charles B. KNOX, Manufacturer, Johnstown, NY

C. M. WICKER, H. B. Hollins & Co., Bankers, and Vice-President Ft. Worth & R. G. R. R. (Editor’s note: The initials stand for Fort Worth and Rio Grande Railway.)

H. A. METZ, President Victor Koechl Co.; Member New York Board of Education

H. Elmer GIBB, Mills & Gibb, Dry Goods Importers

Frank L. SHELDON, Frank L. Sheldon & Co., Brokers

Gustav A. JAHN, G. A. Jahn & Co., and President Atlantic Rice Mills Co.

D. Le Roy DRESSER, Dresser & Co., Dry Goods Commission Merchants

Rev. Joseph Newton HALLOCK, D. D., Editor and Proprietor The Christian Work

William H. GRATWICK, Investor and Specialist on Lumber, Buffalo, NY

C. T. ROOT, President Textile Publishing Co. and Editor The Dry Goods Economist

George Clinton BATCHELLER, G. C. Batcheller & Co., Manufacturers

Henry B. COSGROVE, Broker

W. A. MARBLE, Vice-President R. & G. Corset Co.

Dr. George A. SOPER, Sanitary Engineer and Chemist

Thomas CRIMMINS, J. D. & T. C. Crimmins, Engineers

Manly A. RULAND, Ruland & Whiting, Real Estate

John H. PYNES, Manufacturer Knit Goods, Waterford, NY

p. 6 – C. H. KAVANAUGH, Manufacturer Knit Goods, Waterford, NY

James B. DILL, Counsel to The Merchants’ Association

Charles G. CRAWFORD, Wynkoop-Hallenbeck-Crawford Co., Printers and Publishers

Frank NICHOLSON, Investor and Mining Expert

G. W. GRAHAM, Broker

S. CRISTY MEAD, Assistant Secretary of The Merchants’ Association

William R. CORWINE, of The Merchants’ Association, and Secretary to the Committee

N. FLANTER, Official Stenographer of The Merchants’ Association and of the Committee

Morris K. JESUP, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, appointed a committee to represent that organization on the tour. The following men served as delegates for the Chamber of Commerce:

Charles M. JESUP, Chairman; Vice-President Securities Company of New York

W. C. LE GENDRE, Secretary; Brown Bros. & Co., Bankers

Edward N. TAILER, Retired Merchant and Capitalist

W. N. COLER, JR., Banker, W. N. Coler & Co.

H. C. BERLIN, Merchant; Director Knickerbocker Trust Co.; Director Bowery Savings Bank

Major T. J. HURLEY, Vice-President The Exploration Co.

Richard Deeves, Richard Deeves & Son, Contractors and Builders

C. T. COLLINGS, Merchant, Cincinnati, O., Representing the Standard Oil Co.


(To be continued)

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