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     The data extracted this week can be found on pages 64-65 of the OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS OF THE THIRTY-SIXTH ANNUAL CONVENTION OF THE TEXAS PHARMCEUTICAL ASSOCIATION, HELD IN HOUSTON, TEXAS, JUNE 15, 16, 17, 1915. The volume was published in Dallas by the Johnston Printing & Adv. Co. (sic), probably in 1915. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis.)

     A May 1915 Association report stated that ninety-one applicants had appeared before the State Board of Pharmacy during the past year. Forty-four of them passed. The following individuals received certificates by reciprocity credentials with other states. The information shows that the applicants were from a variety of places.

ANDERSON, C. F., Slaton, TX

BANCROFT, Geo. A., El Paso, TX

BARNETT, W. D., Washington, DC

BERMAN, Joseph, Chicago, IL

BROWN, J. M., Marshall, TX

BRUCE, B. W., Atlanta, GA

COLE, W. Earl, Wynnewood, OK

CROCKETT, E. Kent, San Antonio, TX

DOHONEY, Robert G., Italy, TX

DUGGER, E. M., El Paso, TX

FRAMES, J. Fuller, Baltimore, MD

FRASER, Chas. A., Red Rock, OK

GARDINER, Robert Henry, Dallas, TX

HOPKINS, Lillie G., Ft. Worth, TX

LYLE, W. L., Bedford, VA

McGEE, H. B., Ft. Worth, TX

MENDLESOHN, Max, Houston, TX

MILLARD, David R., Baltimore, MD

MILLER, E. C., Haleyville, AL

MOFFATT, B. P., Troy, TN

MYERS, Walter H., Houston, TX

PEGG, C. C., Roswell, NM

PORTER, C. E., Marfa, TX

SAVELL, Albert M., El Paso, TX

SEX SMITH (sic), Geo. T. Houston, TX

SHACKLEFORD, H. S., Wynnewood, OK

SHORES, Jas. F., Woodlawn, AL

SWAIN, Henry, Waxahachie, TX

THOMAS, C. Y., Quanah, TX

THOMAS, W. A., Eldorado, AR

VAN HORN, O. H., San Antonio, TX

WELCH, James, Corpus Christi, TX


WILSON, L. S., Palestine, TX

     Page 73 – In a convention session on June 16, Secretary E. G. EBERLE of the State Pharmaceutical Association called attention to the $25.00 prize awarded annually to the city sending the largest delegation and moved that a committee be appointed. President Walter D. ADAMS named H. C. RISHER of Waco; W. W. LITTLEFIELD of Pendleton; and M. H. EVERS of McGregor as committee members.

     At the same session, H. L. MILIKIN of New Waverly; F. L. A. HAELBIG of San Antonio; and W. B. ARBUCKLE of Houston were elected to membership.


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