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     This week we present even more information about the GODREY family of Iowa, and their kinfolks, which was found in the Opal and Lester Saffell family papers, currently held in a private collection in Lubbock, Texas. Very fragile, the newspaper clippings probably came from an Iowa newspaper published in the early twentieth century. (Some punctuation, capital letters in proper names, and other letters have been added for clarity and readability of the clippings. All-caps for surnames are used for emphasis.)

     No date is written on this newspaper clipping about a family gathering.

     “The GODFREY, HAMLIN, and WATSON annual family reunion was held Sunday at the Ray GRINNELL home near Griswold. A sumptous (sic) dinner was served at noon, followed by a program and election of officers for the new year. The officers elected were

Mrs. Ray GRINNELL, Griswold, president,

Miss Emma GODFREY, Griswold, vice-president,

Mrs. Russell HAMLIN, Griswold, secretary-treasurer.

     The families included

Mrs. Josie CANNON,

Mrs. George WEAVER,

Miss Bess CANNON,

Mr. and Mrs. Edd WATSON,

Misses Ruth and Lois WALLACE, Smithshire, Ill.,


Mr. and Mrs. R. B. GRINNELL and children,

Mr. and Mrs. O. R. COOK, Omaha, Nebr.,

Mr. and Mrs. A. R. HAMLIN,

Ralph HAMLIN of Red Oak,

Mr. and Mrs. F. H. HAMLIN and Maxine,

Mr. and Mrs. R. L. HAMLIN and son,

Mrs. Gerald HAMLIN and daughters,

Mr. and Mrs. Ray GRINNELL, Glendale and Lloyd,


Lee HAMLIN, Griswold,

Mr. and Mrs. Merrill HAMLIN, Dorothy and Darlene, Lewis,

Mr. and Mrs. F. E. GODFREY,

Mr. and Mrs. V. E. GODFREY and daughters, [and]

Alma HALLCOCK of Elliott.”


     Another undated newspaper clipping also refers to a family gathering.

“Mr. and Mrs. A. R. HAMLIN held a reunion Sunday in honor of Mr. and Mrs. John HAMLIN, who are moving to Chicago. Those here from a distance were

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph HAMLIN of Creston,

Ray GRINNELL and family of Griswold,

Mrs. Albert GODFREY and family,

Frank HAMLIN and family of Elliott,

Mr. and Mrs. Frank GODFREY of Morton Mills, and

Mr. and Mrs. O. K. OLSON of the Stretton vicinity.”


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