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     The data extracted this week can be found on page 65 of the OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS OF THE THIRTY-SIXTH ANNUAL CONVENTION OF THE TEXAS PHARMCEUTICAL ASSOCIATION, HELD IN HOUSTON, TEXAS, JUNE 15, 16, 17, 1915. The volume was published in Dallas by the Johnston Printing & Adv. Co. (sic), probably in 1915. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis.)

     In the May 1915 Association report, R. H. WALKER, Secretary of the Texas Board of Pharmacy, furnished a list of “licentiates by examination and old District Certificates sent in for validation.” Except for three men, all of the individuals resided in the Lone Star State.

BAILEY, E. E., Panhandle

BORJA, Pedro, El Paso

CAIN, Jessie, Hawkins

CARTER, Champ, Colorado


CERDA, Francisco, Laredo

CHILNER, W. H., Fort Worth

COLQUITT, Paul P., Godley

CROCKETT, E. K., San Antonio

DAVIS, W. A., Fort Worth

DAVIS, L. M., Galveston

DENHAM, S. E., Forestburg

DINGLE, W. P., Proctor

EARLY, E. E., Gunter

ELLIS, Will S., Henrietta

FLAKE, W. L., Water Valley, Miss.

FRANCISCO, Geo. C., Mineral Wells

GATES, Ellis F., Dilley

GILLILAND, Roy C., Dallas

GOLDBERG, Henry S., Dallas

GREBE, Wm., H., Brenham

GUNTER, Jeff W., Wheeler

HODNETT, H. L., Dallas

HOPKINS, B. P., Lubbock

HYDE, J. D., Dallas

JULIAN, Wm. D., Kennard

KELLY, W. C., Dallas

LARSEN, J. S., Chicago, Ill.

LAWHORN, Edgar C., Galveston

MAIDAE, Anthony, Galveston

MARIN, Daniel R., El Paso

McCLENDON, R. E., Dallas

McDONALD, W. A., Tioga

McGARITY, L. P., Frost

McKee, Wm. J., Joshua

MEDRANO, Aureliano, El Paso

MONK, C. L., Seadrift

MONTEMAYOR, M. D., Eagle Pass

MONTEMAYOR, B., Eagle Pass

MORRIS, V. T., Lindale

MUNFORD, C. L., Gonzales

MUR, Jno. Athos (sic), Dallas

(To be continued)

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