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     The more genealogists research their family tree, the more interested they usually become in finding out more details about individual relatives. Today we tend to take some things for granted, such as a good education, that were harder to obtain in earlier times. Even in the twentieth century, kinsmen often remarked about the fact that a certain relative was the first family member to receive a college degree. Before college attendance became prevalent, graduation from high school was an important milestone for many people.

     Details about a person's educational background may sometimes be found in unique or overlooked sources. The information below spotlights the educational achievement of several individuals in the early 1900s.
     Source: State of Texas, Department of Education, TEXAS HIGH SCHOOLS DIRECTORY OF CLASSIFIED AND ACCREDITED HIGH SCHOOLS, Bulletin No. 182, July 30, 1924. S. M. N. MARRS, State Superintendent of Public Instruction; A. W. EVANS, Chief Supervisor of High Schools.
     Page 22 - "Increased interest was manifested in the college entrance examinations which were held during the second week in May for the benefit of 2460 applicants. During the year the following high school students, having secured sixteen units, including three units in English, two units in history, and three units in mathematics, were granted Texas high school diplomats...."
Caroline ATKINSON, League City
Annie Louise COX, Center Point
Onesimo ELIZONDO, San Antonio
Henry ELKINS, Spur
Virginia GUSSMAN, Sacred Heart Academy, Galveston
Velma HILL, Center Point
Karline KIGHT, Immaculate Conception Academy, San Angelo.

     The growth and importance of educational institutions with a religious affiliation are apparent in these tidbits in the Dallas-based publication The Baptist Standard, Vol. 22, no. 50, (Dec 15, 1910), p. 25:
     "The enrollment at the North Texas Baptist Academy at Westminster has already passed the 100 mark.
     The effort is now being made for funds to replace the boys' dormitory of the Bryan Baptist Academy recently destroyed by fire."

     Were your ancestors Civil War veterans who lived in the Texas counties of Gregg, Houston, or Upshur before or after the war? If your answer is "yes," you will want to submit data about them for inclusion in new books about these counties planned for publication by well-known author Carolyn Reeves Ericson. Information should contain as many details as possible, including the veteran's dates and place of birth, marriage, and death; names of parents and spouse(s); and service record. Any additional comments such as any wounds received or whether he was a prisoner of war are also welcomed. Material may be sent to Ericson at 1614 Redbud St., Nacogdoches, TX 75935-2936.

     In celebration of the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, the first permanent English colony in America, the National Genealogical Society Conference in the States and Family History Fair will be held in Richmond, VA, May 16-19, 2007. Local hosts will be the Fairfax Genealogical Society, the Genealogical Research Institute of Virginia, and the Virginia Genealogical Society. In addition to the wide variety of lectures and workshops offered by nationally-known genealogists and banquets, local tours (which are optional) will also be available.

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