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     The first column in the New Year continues with more names from the list of “ordinary” members of the Texas State Medical Association in 1892. The information may be found in the publication, TRANSACTIONS OF THE TEXAS STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, TWENTY-FOURTH ANNUAL SESSION HELD AT TYLER, TEXAS, APRIL 26, 27, AND 28, 1892 (Galveston: J. W. Burson Co., Printers and Publishers, 1892). The roster furnishes the person’s name, post office, county or state, and usually the year elected to the association.

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SHELTON, S. E., Waco, McLennan, 1887

SHOLARS, S. W., Orange, Orange, 1889

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SHROPSHIRE, L. L., San Antonio, Bexar, 1885

SIMS, A., Weatherford, Parker, no date

SIMS, R. S., Iowa Park, Wichita, 1891

SMITH, C. A., Tyler, Smith, 1889

SMITH, J. R., Hillsboro, Hill, 1890

SMITH, M., Black Jack Grove, Hopkins, 1892

SMITH, Q. C., Austin, Travis, 1884

SNEAD, A. H., Waco, McLennan, no date

SNYDER, E. W., Benbrook, Tarrant, 1890

SOUTHERLAND, G. W., Winchester, Fayette, no date

SPARKMAN, J. T., Alvord, Wise, 1890

SPRING, J. V., San Antonio, Bexar, 1888

STALLCUP, J. H., Jefferson, Marion, no date

STARLEY, J. F., Marlow, I. T., no date
     (Editor’s note: I. T. was used for Indian Territory, which is now Oklahoma.)

STARLEY, W. F., Tyler, Smith, no date

STEINER, Ralph, Austin, Travis, no date

STEPHENS, G. M., Beeville, Bee, 1889

STEPHENS, H. C., Arlington, Tarrant, 1890

STONE, J. K., Beeville, Bee, 1886

STOUT, S. H., Cisco, Eastland, 1884

STUART, D. F., Houston, Harris, 1859

STYLES, T. W., Stephenville, Erath, 1887

SUTTLE, I. N., Corsicana, Navarro, 1891

SWEARINGEN, R. M., Austin, Travis, 1876

SWINDALL, F. W., Alba, Wood, 1892

TALBOT, R. D., Birdville, Tarrant, 1890

TALLEY, R. P., Temple, Bell, 1880

TATE, H. L., Lindale, Smith, 1892

TAYLOR, E. V., Davilla, Milam, no date

TAYLOR, I. B., Muldoon, Fayette, 1891

TERRELL, W. M., Farmer, Young, 1886

THOMAS, G. I., Farrar, Limestone, 1891

THOMAS, I. E., Mexia, Limestone, 1886

THOMASON, J. W., Huntsville, Walker, 1887

THOMPSON, B. R., Era, Cook, 1890

THOMPSON, F. D., Fort Worth, Tarrant, no date

THORPE, H. H., Liberty Hill, Williamson, 1884

THRASH, D. E., Galveston, Galveston, 1888

THRUSTON, S. D., Dallas, Dallas, 1884

(To be continued)

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