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     As Edith Wagner, publisher of the distinguished Reunions Magazine, stated in a news release last year: "Reunions aren't just picnics anymore. Many reunions last three days to accommodate members who travel great distances and provide a brief vacation for those who live nearby. Accommodations, food, tours, entertainment, tournaments and games--something for everyone--are all part of what organizers must consider to make a memorable reunion...."

     To help people keep their New Year's resolution to plan a reunion, Wagner recently published the new 8th edition of her REUNIONS WORKBOOK. The colorful 37-page guide will be useful to individuals who are just beginning to make plans since the booklet provides the steps and checklists needed for a successful gathering. Even persons who have planned reunions for years will find the manual offers worthwhile suggestions, new ideas, and checklists to keep everything moving smoothly. REUNIONS WORKBOOK is free to subscribers of Reunions Magazine ($9.99 for one year or $17.99 for two years). Non-subscribers may purchase a copy for $10 from Reunions Magazine, Box 11727, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211-0727 (phone 414-263-4567; fax 414-263-6331; e-mail

     Thanks to Ray Parker Fouts of Cocoa, FL, for this interesting item about debtor's prison that she found in the 15 July 1830 issue of the North Carolina newspaper Edenton Gazette and Farmer's Palladium (formerly the Edenton Gazette). Her source of information is North Carolina State Archive Microfilm Reel EdEGw-2, Edenton Gazette, Jan. 12, 1819 - Dec. 21, 1831.

     "Imprisonment for debt.--A Providence (R. I.) paper of the 31th {sic} of May, says: 'Saturday last being return day, upwards of twenty persons were committed to jail in this town for debt, on executions. Among the debtors are many of our most worthy fellow citizens. One of them, Capt. Samuel GODFREY, is now eighty-six years of age, with the loss of hearing, and nearly bent double by infirmities. He is committed too not for a debt of his own, but for having been an endorser. Many of those thus cut off from active employments, were just re-commencing business, after having given up all they possessed, with a fair prospect of supporting themselves and families.'"

     K. Crisman, 713 South 7th, Memphis, TX 79245 (e-mail is looking for information on Bertha Safronia CRISMAN, born 10 Dec 1890 in Tarrant Co., TX, and died in the 1960s? Her parents were Elisha Fain "Doc" CRISMAN and Frances Bartow "Frank" ALEXANDER. Her siblings were George Henry, John Virgil, William Alexander, James Elisha, Jennie, and Jessie CRISMAN.

     Between 1915 and 1920 in Mansfield, Tarrant Co., TX, Bertha S. married her first husband, William STEVESON, who was born about 1880 in TX. They disappear from records after 1930.

     Bertha's second husband was J. S. SATTERWHITE. In later life she may have lived in Arkansas. She had some children but it is not known which of Bertha's husbands was the father.