Kinsearching January 24, 2010




Marleta Childs
P. O. Box 6825
LUBBOCK, TX 79493-6825

     Charles N. Ferguson, 811 South Market, Shawnee, OK 74801 is seeking the full names, marriage records, and dates and places of death for this BOREN family, who lived in Division 4, Waxahachie, Ellis Co., TX, in 1860:

M. BOREN, age, 53, born in KY about 1807;
R. BOREN, age 25;
J. T. BOREN, age 16;
A. BOREN, age 14;
I. BOREN, age 12;
N. R. BOREN, age 10;
M. A. BOREN, age 8, born in 1852 (Ferguson says her name was Millissa (sic) Ann);
P. BOREN, age 6;
M. BOREN, age 4;
W. BOREN, age 2.

     Also living in the household were
Saml (sic) MAYFIELD, age 21 (Editor's Note: Saml was an abbreviation usually used for Samuel);
J. W. WILKINS, age 26;
N. M. WILKINS, age 33;
R. H. WILKINS, age 20.

     As photography, originating in the nineteenth century, increased in popularity and convenience over time, its techniques vastly changed from daguerreotype to film to digital. One fundamental question, however, remains the same: Are the pictures labeled? Providing the names of the people in the photograph, the date it was made, and the place and any important event where it was taken furnishes a valuable service to individuals looking at them. If pictures are not labeled, future generations will not know anything about them because no one is still alive to identify them. As a result, the photos may be tossed into the trash or end up in an antique store--the fate of too many family pictures over the years.

     The photograph of the LORING family (see Kinsearching column dated 25 October 2009) serves as an example of the importance of labeling. A few weeks after that column was published, two Texas descendants--one in Garland and one near Austin--contacted me about it. So the picture is again in family hands where it belongs.

     The photographs below were found in a book checked out of the Texas Tech University Library in Lubbock, TX, sometime in 2009. No information is written on the pictures so finding their owner is a "very long shot." Objects in two of the photos may provide clues: The golf cart has an old Alabama Crimson Tide logo on it and the license plate number of the vehicle parked under the carport is 4APC84. If anyone can identify these people and would like to have the photographs, please send a self-addressed, stamped, business-size envelope so they can be mailed to you.

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