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     Yet another fragile newspaper obituary reveals interesting genealogical data. The clipping is found in the Opal and Lester Saffell family papers, currently held in a private collection in Lubbock, Texas. Although the obituary is undated and no title appears, it was apparently published not longer after 7 May 1915, probably in a Montgomery County, Iowa, newspaper. Several of the individuals mentioned in the obituary are also named in articles that can be found in “Kinsearching” columns dated April 12 and August 30, 2015, and perhaps in other “Kinsearching” columns published in 2015.

     (Genealogists should be aware that some punctuation, capital letters in proper names, and missing words or missing letters in words have been added for clarity or meaning and readability. All-caps for surnames are used for emphasis.)

     “Sarah J. COOK was born at Clarion County, Pa., September 20, 1850. When she was about three years of age, her parents moved to Minnesota. On the 31st of July, 1866, she was united in marriage to John HAMLIN, and they moved to Wheeler Grove, Pottawattamie County, in 1873, thence they moved to Rose Hill in 1889, where they resided until they moved to Elliott, about 9 years ago.

     About the same time, Mrs. Hamlin was stricken with paralysis and since that time, has been an almost helpless invalid. But through it all, she has shown Christian fortitude, patience, and cheerfulness. During all of this time, the loyal husband has stood patiently and faithfully by her side.

     Mrs. Hamlin was converted and united with the Methodist Protestant Church in early womanhood and remained faithful until her death on May 7, 1915.

     She leaves to mourn her loss, two brothers, the faithful husband, ten children, twenty-seven grandchildren, and five great grandchildren, one son having died in childhood. The surviving children are

Carrie B. OLSON, Red Oak;

Sarah A. McFALL, Armour, Nebr.;

Mary E. JAMES, Yuma, Colo.;

Albert R., Red Oak;

Frank H., Elliott;

Lydia G. GODFREY, Elliott;

Nellie J. WATSON, Brookfield, Mo.;

John, Macedonia;

Lizzie Ethel and Della Velle, at home.

     The funeral services were held at the M. E. Church, Sunday afternoon at 2 O’clock, conducted by Rev. W. T. RINK, the pastor, assisted by Rev. W. B. CREWDSON, of the Church of Christ.

     The music was furnished by a double quartette (sic) composed of Mesdames W. J. KIRBY [and] Geo. SELBY, and Misses Pearl REYNOLDS and Margaret HUGHES, and Messrs. A. J. POWELL, Ben MUNTENDAM, Dean MANKER, and R. C. LOGAN, with Mrs. Will HOWARD at the piano.

     The pall bearers were H. E. MANKER, W. P. ROBERTS, Jas. ROBERTS, J. H. LOWMAN, Fred REED, and Henry ELBERTS. Interment was made in Hillside Cemetery.” (End)

     On the back of the obituary are these Stratton Chapel items.

“Ulna PETERSON’s Sunday School class gave her a reception Saturday night at the church....”

“Mrs. PURCELL and daughter, Myrtle, went to Grant, Sunday, to visit a daughter, Mrs. Claude GILMORE”

“Mrs. OLSEN’s mother passed away Friday evening and was buried Sunday....”

     In another column unrelated to news from Stratton Chapel was this tidbit:

“Maude KIMBER spent last week at home.”


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