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     An interesting page in the Dallas Semi-Weekly Farm News was “The Cozy Corner,” in which the editor, “Mr. Big Hat,” referred to everyone as “cousin.” The editor printed letters from adult readers who submitted news from around Texas. Children also submitted letters which were reproduced in the section, “Little Men and Women, The White Rose Band.” Due to space limitations, many letters could not be published. In an “Honor Roll of Cousins,” the editor listed the names of people whose letters were not used and cordially invited them to write again. The roster below appeared in column 7, page 7, of the 27 April 1906 issue of the Dallas, Texas, newspaper. It provides the individual’s name and place of residence, which is in Texas unless otherwise noted. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis.) The “Honor Roll” also demonstrates the variety of states in which subscribers lived.

Delia BARBER, Gladeville, Tenn.

May BARBER, Gladeville, Tenn.

Cliffie BECKUS, Electra

Erie BELL, Chillicothe

John F. BELL, Leeksburg, Ark.

Nellie BELL, Willzetta, Ok.

L. Hampton BLUNTZER, Arneckeville

Willie BRAZZEL, Jasper

Evie CHANDLER, Electra

Venia CHANEY, no place stated

Cassie COLEMAN, Satillo, Miss.

Ola CONEY, Ladonia

Jesse CORNELIUS, Guernsey, Ark.

Anna COTNER, Ponder

Della COTNER, Ponder

E. L. COVEY, Dublin

Minnie CUSTER, Chillicothe

Letha DENNIS, Wheeler

Nora DICKSON, Loving

Bertha DUDLEY, Dublin

Ellen DUMAS, Tolar

Louis DUNNAM, Buffalo

Ada EMBERTON, Tompkinsville, Ky

Amanda ESTES, Yeager, I. T.

Editor’s note: Before Oklahoma became a state in 1907, it was divided into Indian Territory (I. T.) and Oklahoma Territory (Ok.).

Bertie FALLS, Blanket

Lizzie FANCHER, Kingston, I. T.

Edna GEAHMAN, Choctaw, Ok.

Houston GEORGE, Aubrey

Arthur GOFER, Harvey

Mary Jane GOULD, Miller, I. T.

Talley L. GRAVES, Weldon

Ora GREENWAY, Wolfe City

Robert GREENWAY, Wolfe City

Willie HAFFORD, Israel

Walter HARDWICK, Troy

Esther HERRING, Belton

Berdie (sic) HILL, Voss

(To be continued)

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