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     Now that another year is underway, it is time to make plans for future activities. Whether you attend a family reunion or genealogical conference or make donations to places that preserve our heritage, there are always useful ways to participate in genealogical endeavors.

     If you have any ANSLEY forebears, you may want to go to the thirty-ninth annual reunion of the Ansley Family Association (AFA) on 22-24 April 2016 in Americus, Georgia. The town is centrally located for easy exploration of several interesting sites in the area. Among the regional attractions are the town of Plains, where former President Jimmy Carter, an Ansley descendant, resides; the National Prisoner of War Museum; and two National Historic sites: Jimmy Carter’s boyhood farm and Andersonville, the infamous Civil War POW camp.

     Membership in the association is only $10 annually. Included in the dues is a subscription to The Ansley Family Association Newsletter. Published twice a year, the newsletter reproduces the minutes of AFA’s annual business meeting and reports recent Ansley births, marriages, anniversaries, and deaths throughout the country. Additional topics may pertain to various Ansley families and genealogical research tips. Checks, payable to AFA, may be mailed to Jim Ansley, AFA membership chairperson, 359 Rainbow Lake Dr., Brevard, NC 28712-8770 (e-mail ; phone 828-862-4303.) For more details about the reunion or association, you may visit the organization’s new webpage at .

     Although many genealogical publications and documents are now available online, experienced genealogists know internet records encompass only a small portion of them. Many individuals, therefore, will want to do research in libraries across the country this year. When doing so, you should not overlook sources like historical publications, as they often contain genealogical data. For example, if you trace your Jewish ancestors back to the western part of the United States or Canada, you may find a gold mine of information in the quarterly, Western States Jewish History. The Summer 2010 (Volume XLII, Number 4) issue contains articles about the family of Heinrich SILVANSKI (anglicized to Henry SYLVESTER), immigrant from Poland to New York, whose descendants went to California and British Columbia; the Hermann BORNSTEIN and Morris MOSS families of California and British Columbia; the KATZ and IZEN families of Western Canada; Moses STRULOVICI (later anglicized to SROLOVITZ), born in 1862 in Bucharest, who, along with some family members, immigrated to Galveston, Texas, and later settled in Canada; names of residents of the Jewish community in Drumheller, Canada; and early Jewish families living in the rural area of Alberta, Canada. Other interesting topics include the early Hadassah archives in Vancouver, Canada; the Jewish Cemetery in Victoria, Canada; and the story about Jews leaving Russia during the years 1881-1914.

     A 100th birthday party for the Union Pacific Depot, which houses the museum in the National Orphan Train Complex (NOTC) in Concordia, Kansas, will be held in 2017. In advance of the celebration, the bricks in the old platform need to be repaired. Water drainage has caused them to decay and buckle, creating both damage to the museum’s foundation and a hazard to visitors. All bricks in the platform must be removed, the soil leveled and compacted, and the bricks replaced. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. Sponsorship for a square foot of brick work is $35, three square feet for $100, and a square yard for $250. Donors who sponsor a square yard will be recognized on a train car plaque inside the museum. Sponsors may mail their contributions to NOTC, P. O. Box 322, Concordia, Kansas 66901-0322.

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