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     On January 26, 2008, the Texas Czech Genealogical Society will hold its annual membership meeting and luncheon at the Caldwell Civic/Visitor's Center in Caldwell, TX. Beginning with registration at 9:00 a. m., the day's activities will include opportunities to sample Czech food, entertainment provided by the Taylor Czech Chorus Musicians and the SPJST Youth Dancers, and videos and/or displays of the Frenstat, Czech Republic Museum, the Christmas Ornament Factory in Vsetin, and early Czech communities in the Lone Star State. Special presentations will focus on Cat Spring and Czech pioneers in the Republic of Texas.

     Prior to January 15, the cost per person is $10. After that date, the price will be $14. RSVP should be sent to Sallie Wendt, 361 N. Post Oak Lane #145, Houston, TX 77024. For more information, call Wendt at 713-682-6262 or go to the society's website at

     Since many health problems can be inherited, more genealogists are aware that knowing what diseases afflicted their ancestors and relatives is important to their own well-being. An interesting article about tracing certain colon cancer gene mutations in the United States to specific immigrants can be found at

     If you are trying to discover to which church your kinfolks belonged or if they had musical talents, newspapers may provide helpful information. For example, in the 29 January 1922 issue of the Texas newspaper, San Antonio Express, (section II, page 16), the article "Baptists to Poteet Day Rally of B. Y. P. U. to Be Held Today" tells about Baptists from eleven San Antonio churches going to the Baptist Church in Poteet. They were attending the Baptist Young People's Union rally for the unions of the San Antonio Baptist Association. Names of participants include

J. S. HENDERSON, the association missionary, (who gave the sermon);
Miss (sic) Bill O. MORGAN, Poteet;
Miss Dora SCALLORN, First Church;
The GOLSON family (who provided special music);
Mrs. Fannie Lou CHAMBERLAIN, First Church;
C. E. KEYES, Los Angeles;
Don CROSS, First Church (who played a violin solo);
R. M. CRESSWELL, Calvary Church;
Otto HOFFMAN, Immanuel;
S. E. DODD, First Church;
E. D. FLOAN (sic), Central;
Leslie LOCKHART, Hillcress;
Miss Effie LYONS, Pleasanton;
Miss Ellen PILLBURY (sic), Prospect Hill;
W. R. KILBURN, Pegues;
Miss Viola MANGUM, Poteet;
Earl BARROW, Medina;
Miss Lila HARRIS;
Miss Merle ROWLAND, First Church;
B. B. BRYAN, Central;
Miss Flossie JORDAN, Floresville;
Herbert SMITH, Beacon Hill;
Mrs. PICKLE (sic), Riverside Park;
and Otto BILES.

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