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Marleta Childs
P. O. Box 6825
LUBBOCK, TX 79493-6825

     Charles N. Ferguson, 811 S. Market, Shawnee, OK 74801 seeks data on the marriage of James MCCRACKEN and Mrs. Lou MCCRACKEN. Lou is believed to have been from Graham, TX. The marriage is believed to have occurred in Springtown, TX, about 1888. Rev. GILLALAND was the officiating minister.

     Here are more names of ďmembers present and registeredĒ found on pages 23-25 in the publication, TRANSACTIONS OF THE TEXAS STATE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, TWENTY-FOURTH ANNUAL SESSION HELD AT TYLER, TEXAS, APRIL 26, 27, AND 28, 1892 (Galveston: J. W. Burson Co., Printers and Publishers, 1892). The roster furnishes the personís name, post office (in Texas unless otherwise specified), and county.

GARDNER, A. B., Belleville (sic), Austin
     (Editorís note: The correct spelling of this town is Bellville.)

GASTON, J. W., Troupe (sic), Smith
     (Editorís note: The current spelling of this town is Troup.)

GOODMAN, W. J., Tyler, Smith

GRAY, J. I. L., Mexia, Limestone

GRIFFITH, L. E., Terrell, Kaufman

HENDERSON, Taylor, Belton, Bell

HILGARTNER, H. L., Austin, Travis

HOLT, C. J., Kilgore, Gregg

JOHNSON, Clay, Corsicana, Navarro

KENNEDY, N. B., Hillsboro, Hill

KIMMINS, R. L., Iredell, Bosque

KING, J. C. J., Waco, McLennan

KNOX, M. D., Hillsboro, Hill

KNOX, R. W., Houston, Harris

LACY, W. S., Troupe (sic), Smith

LANCASTER, W. H., Moulton, Lavaca

LARKIN, Percy, Athens, Henderson

LARENDON, J., Houston, Harris

LEAK, E. E., Centre (sic), Shelby
     (Editorís note: The correct spelling of this town is Center.)

LEE, W. B., Chattanooga, Tennessee

LITTEN, Frank, Austin, Travis

LITTEN, J. M., Austin, Travis

LOGGINS, J. C., Ennis, Ellis

LYNCH, M. C., Carrollís Prairie, Hopkins

MARTIN, T. R., Kyle, Hays

MAY, J. L., Stephenville, Erath

MCCRARY, E. R. N., Swan, Smith

MILLER, T. A., Corsicana, Navarro

MONDAY, W. H., Terrell, Kaufman

MONTGOMERY, D. W., Concord, Leon

MOODY, R. E., Sweetwater, Nolan

MOTLEY, Jno. G., Overton, Rusk

NEWLAND, W. B., Gatesville, Coryell

OSBORN, J. D., Cleburne, Johnson

(To be continued)

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