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     Most, if not all, genealogists have some ancestors who are buried in abandoned cemeteries. Naturally, the graveyards eventually become overgrown and the tombstones may become unreadable. Access may be limited or non-existent if they are presently situated on private property. As time goes by, the location or even the existence of many of the burying grounds may be forgotten. A heritage organization in South Carolina has come up with a plan to try to remedy the predicament in its area.

     The Chester District Genealogical Society has set up a separate bank account—the CDGS Cemetery Fund—for any donations they receive for taking care of some of the abandoned cemeteries in Chester County. Its goal is to try and maintain as many of these burial grounds as possible. Although the organization is presently concentrating on Burnt Meeting House and Paul’s Graveyard (Covenanter Cemetery), funds have been received for graveyards such as the Colvin-Cornwell Cemetery. The society is keeping a ledger in which the donor’s name and amount given will be listed under the particular cemetery the individual designates. Donations to the fund are tax-deductible and any and all donations will be greatly appreciated. Checks, made out to CDGS Cemetery Fund, may be mailed to the genealogical society at P. O. Box 336, Richburg, South Carolina 29729.

     Family researchers with roots in the South Carolina counties of Chester, Fairfield, Lancaster, Union, and York counties may want to join the Chester District Genealogical Society, which publishes “The Bulletin.” Now in its 39th year of publication, the quarterly contains a wide variety of information pertaining to the region. Annual membership dues, which include a subscription to the periodical, are only $25.00. Checks may be sent to the society at P. O. Box 336, Richburg, South Carolina 29729.

     The selected items below come from the 12 October 1933 issue of the newspaper, “The Shelby Reporter,” published in Center, Shelby County, Texas. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis and some punctuation is changed for readability.)

     “The home of Mrs. PAUL was opened Tuesday in gracious hospitality to her Sunday school class, ‘The Young Matrons.’ The home was tastefully decorated with beautiful flowers and other arrangements....” Mrs. CONWAY served as master of ceremonies for the installation service for new officers.
     “After matters of business had been attended to, elaborate refreshments were served for guests. The guests were Mesdames Hollis WATSON, CONWAY (sic), Robert JOHNSON, W. E. ADAMS, A. T. ADAMS, Grace ROGERS, Ollis BAKER, Marlie CHILDS, James B. DUDLEY, Wyatt SHEFFIELD, S. L. YEARY, Howard HARDING, Tom DAVIS, Mrs. WEBB, [and] E. McWILLIAMS.
     The next class meeting wil{l} be held in the home of Mrs. A. T. ADAMS with Mrs. Ollis BAKER assisting.”

     “Mrs. J. C. HURST, County Expension (sic) chairman, assisted by Mrs. Frank BUSSEY of Timpson, organized a Parent Teachers Association at Blair, Friday evening of last week. Mrs. Hurst said that much interest was shown at the meeting....”

     “Mr. Joe ISVOLT and Miss Ruth BELL were visitors to Logansport last Sunday.” (Editor’s note: i. e., Logansport, Louisiana.)

     “Miss Avis RHODES and Maydell PERRY of Timpson were weekend visitors with friends here.”


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