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      A companion piece to the Kingston, New York, church data (reviewed in the July 3 column) is RECORDS OF THE REFORMED DUTCH CHURCH OF ALBANY, NEW YORK, 1683 - 1809. This body of Reformed Dutch material provides exhaustive lists of marriages, baptisms, and member rosters from the late seventeenth century through the early nineteenth century, a period during which Albany was one of the most populous cities in America.

     Established as early as 1642, the Reformed Dutch church played an meaningful part in the city's prosperous community. Throughout the period of western expansion, church members were an important source of both pioneer leadership and migration. Examples of recurring surnames are ABEEL, ABRAHAMS/ABRAMS, APPEL, GANSEVOORT, HANSEN, MARSELIS/MARCELIS, QUAKKELBOSCH/QUAKKENBOSCH/QUACKENBOS, RUTGERS, SCHERMERHOORN, SCHUYLER, SLINGERLAND/SLINGERLANDT, VAN DER POEL, VERPLANCK, and WENDEL.

     Although the church information had been published in eight Yearbooks of The Holland Society of New York between the years 1904 - 1927, the publications were difficult to find due to their scarcity. Now the data have been excerpted and combined into one volume. The work, therefore, consists of eight sections, each of which designates a specific time frame and is complete in itself with its own index. Consolidation of the eight individual Yearbooks into one single volume makes RECORDS OF THE REFORMED DUTCH CHURCH OF ALBANY, NEW YORK, 1683 - 1809 easily accessible to researchers.

     The 922-page paperback is indexed. To the book's sale price of $48.50, buyers should add the cost for postage and handling charges. (For U. S. postal mail, the cost is $4 for one book and $1.50 for each additional copy; for UPS, the cost is $6 for one copy and $2.50 for each additional book). The volume (item order #2800) may be purchased by check, MasterCard, or Visa from Clearfield Company, 3600 Clipper Mill Rd., Suite 260, Baltimore, Maryland 21211 (toll free phone 1-800-296-6687; fax 1-410-752-8492; website

     The data about the Third District members comes from pages 130 - 135 of the yearbook, Texas Federation of Women's Clubs Annual, 1916-1917. Each entry usually provides the name of the town where the club is located, the name of the club, the number of members, and the names of the president and corresponding secretary.

Alto - Woman's Civic League, 50, Mrs. Elbert E. Allen, Mrs. Chas. C. Francis
Carthage - Circulating Book, 15, Mrs. Frazier Neal, Miss Jennie May Chadwick
                  Grand Saline, 11, Mrs. May Walton, Mrs. Clyde Hackney
Groesbeck - Shakespeare, 23, Mrs. C. D. Kelly, Mrs. J. P. Morris
                   Woman's Civic, 24, Mrs. Nora Buchanan, Mrs. Josephine Collins
Henderson - Women's, 11, Mrs. R. A. Gould, Mrs. W. P. White
Jacksonville - Rose Hill Mother's, 20, Mrs. M. B. Canon (sic), Mrs. W. Y. Forrest
Limestone Co. - Limestone Co. Federation, 200, Mrs. Jessie McLendon, Mexia;
                          Mrs. J. M. Pyburn, Coolidge
Longview - Shakespeare, 25, Miss Ione Pegues, Mrs. George W. Krech
Lufkin - Historical-Literary, 15, Mrs. S. M. Morris, Mrs. A. E. Cullins
Marshall - City Federation, 275, Mrs. J. I. Hey, Mrs. Ruth Moore
                 Music, 18, Mrs. Oscar Bushy, Miss Lucile Jones
                 Sesame, 25, Mrs. C. A. Atkins, Miss Shirley Wolz
                 Shakespeare, 18, Mrs. B. F. Eads, Mrs. O. J. Womack
                 Rainey Civic, 33, Mrs. A. E. Grimes, Mrs. Carl H. Mauthe
                Woman's, 20, Mrs. Jno. W. Furrh, Mrs. E. P. Womack
Mexia - Woman's Friday, 15, Mrs. Julian Wood, Mrs. W. J. Wright
Tyler - Bonner School Mothers, 15, Mrs. R. E. Golsan, Mrs. C. W. Robinson
           First Literary, 16, Mrs. Walter Connally, Mrs. Chas. R. Buddy
           Standard, 60, Mrs. O. M. Boren, Mrs. Walter B. Connally
           Quid Munc (sic), 23, Mrs. Gid Bell, Mrs. G. C. Ingraham