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     As experienced genealogists know, local newspapers may contain details about residents that cannot be found elsewhere. Even though the facts may be minor, they can furnish insight into the everyday lives of individuals, either past or present. Local papers often list peopleís activities under the name of the individual towns and communities within the county. The selected data below are examples of items listed under place names in the 9(?) June 1917 (Vol. 22, No. 23) issue of The Haskell Free Press, published in Haskell, TX. Like the date, a few spots on this particular copy of the page are difficult to read; in addition, some items are torn so letters or words are missing. Despite these drawbacks, researchers may find some interesting and useful tidbits about their family. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis and some punctuation added for clarity.)

News from Roberts

     ďW. ATCHISON is not any better at this writing.

     Mr. and Mrs. Walter ______ (?) and Pearl ATCHISON of Stamford ________ (words missing) T. L. ATCHISON and family Saturday night and Sunday.
     (Editorís note: See entry below regarding T. L. Atchison.)

     Mr. and Mrs. Will ATCHISON spent Saturday night and Sunday with T. L. ATCHISON and family.

     Misses Floy ATCHISON, Ma(mie?) MAPES and Artie Mae WEAVER of Vontress spent Saturday night with the Misses HINKLES.
     (Editorís note: See entry below concerning the Hinkles and Mamie Mapes.)

     Misses Vergie and Monnie HINKLE spent Sunday with Mamie MAPES.

     Miss Mamie CALAWAY took dinner with Tillie ATCHISON Sunday night. Rev. JONES and his daughter, Alice, of Haskell were in this community Sunday and Rev. JONES filled his regular appointment at this ___ (item torn).

     Rev. JONES and daughter Alice took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. H. M. KING Sunday.

     Mr. LEWELLEN, Cobb RAYFORD ____(place torn) and Willie WALLACE were...visitors here from Pleasant Valley Sunday.

     Misses Beaulah (sic) LEWELLEN and Maurine OTTS, Mr. Harvey FRY and Lynn TOLLIVER took dinner with the Misses CALAWAYS Sunday.

     Misses Eloy ATCHISON and Ivy LEWELLEN took supper with the Misses OTTS Sunday night.

     Ivy LEWELLEN took dinner with Artie Mae WEAVER Sunday.

     Rev. LITTLE of Weinert ___ (word missing) his regular appointment here Sunday....

     Elbert MAPES, Oscar WALLACE, (sic) Milton OíDELL spent Saturday night with Oscar and Andrew LEANORD (sic).

     Roy MCNEILL is very sick at this writing.

     Ruben VIA of Irby attended preaching here Sunday."

News from McConnell

     "R. F. CANAFAX and family left Friday night for Hood County where they will visit relatives.

     Laura CAUTHEN spent a few days last week with relatives at Stamford.

     J. T. FULLBRIGHT and family and Mag (sic) WEBB and family of Center Point visited at Bob CAUTHENís Sunday.

     The dance at Mr. GRAYSONís Wednesday night was enjoyed by a large crowd.

     Wayne PERRY and family of Rose community and Maggie HARWELL spent Sunday with R. C. KREASE and family.

     A good singing was enjoyed at Dave TERRELís Sunday night.

     Lottie TERRELL and Blanche GUTHRIE spent Sunday with Pearl HARWELL."


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