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     The obituaries and death notices below are found on page 31 of the 15 Dec 1910 (Vol. 22, No. 50) issue of The Baptist Standard, published in Dallas, TX. Listed under the title "In Memory of the Departed," they vary widely in length. Since they appear in a Christian publication, they often contain details about an individual's conversion and church membership--facts that are usually not found in other sources. Because the obituaries frequently use "flowery" language to describe a person's life, only basic information has been extracted for this column.

    Robert Lee MAYERS was the "three-year-old son of Bro. Edgar and Sister MAYERS, of Fostoria, Texas..." Robert died 18 April 1910. Data submitted by W. W. BURR, pastor.

     J. H. RUTLAND, Sr., of Bruceville, McLennan Co., TX, died at the age of 72 years on 26 Nov 1910 after eleven months of suffering. "Funeral services were conducted at that place Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock by Rev. FLETCHER of Eddy, Tex. Active pallbearers were Messrs. E. CHAPTON, Samuel WALK, P. APPLEBY, and Sam MIXON. Brother RUTLAND had been...Christian since the age of 20 years...The first few years of his Christian life he was member of the Methodist church. Soon after he united with the Baptist and remained so..." He was born on 16 Oct 1836 in Kentucky. During the Civil War he saw active service--first under JACKSON and later under STEWART. His sister was "the late Mrs. Geo. SCARBOROUGH of Abilene, mother of Rev. Lee SCARBOROUGH of the Baptist Theological Seminary of Fort Worth, Texas." Survivors included his widow and children Mrs. Dave MAY, J. B. and W. R. RUTLAND of Waco; J. H., Jr., and R. W. RUTLAND of Bruceville.

     Mrs. Margaret Caroline (HARRIS) MARTIN died on 5 Dec 1910. She was born 7 Apr 1841 and made a profession of faith when she was thirteen years old. She married Evin MARTIN on 7 May 1863 and was united with the Missionary Baptist Church in 1867. "...At the time of her death she was a member of the Goshen Baptist church (sic), four miles south of McGregor, Texas. She was laid to rest in the Eagle Springs cemetery...." Survivors included her husband and three of her seven children. Data submitted by A. H. ISBELL, Oglesby, TX.

     Miss (sic) Emily (MAHURIN) MELUGIN died 20 Nov 1910. Born in Illinois on 10 Oct 1847, she moved to Texas when she was eight years old. On 31 Oct 1865, she married J. A. MELUGIN. For forty years she was a Christian. Her pastor conducted her funeral services. Survivors included her husband and five children. Data submitted by J. O. WILLETT, Sabinal, TX, on 28 Nov 1910.

     Rev. C. I. STEELE died 2 Dec 1910 at age 26 years, 6 months, and 66 days. He was born in 1884 in Llano County. He attended Howard Payne College for four years and was a minister for more than six years. He also sang for revival meetings with M. E. DAVIS for two years. Suffering from tuberculosis, he was confined to his room for two years. "The funeral services were held in Coggin Avenue Baptist church, Brownwood, Dec. 3, being conducted by Pastor W. R. EARP...who was assisted by M. E. DAVIS. Survivors included his parents and three brothers. Data submitted by M. E. DAVIS, Gustine, TX.

     Even in religious publications, obituaries have become shorter in length in recent years. An example is the extracted data for Powhatan W. JAMES, which is found on page 10 of the 22 Dec 1956 (Vol. 68, No. 51) issue of The Baptist Standard, published in Dallas, TX:

     Born in Culpeper Co., VA, Powhatan W. JAMES died 10 Dec 1956 in Dallas. He was a biographer and son-in-law of George W. TRUETT and a pastor and educator. Survivors are his wife; two sons, Dr. Powhatan W., Jr., of Houston, and Doctor Truett of Dallas; and daughter Mrs. Richard HARRISON of Hopkinsville, KY.

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