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     This week we continue with miscellaneous items from the June 1929 (Volume 50, Number 3) issue of The Texas Druggist. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis. Some punctuation may be added or changed for clarity.)

     Page 173 – “The East Side Pharmacy at Carrollton has changed owners. T. M. GREENWOOD of Farmersville took charge, having bought the business, stock, and fixtures from Henry NOBLE. Mr. Greenwood has been in the drug business for twenty years, associated with a brother at Farmersville.

     Managers of the eight Orange Cross Drug Stores in West Texas met in Ozona, Wednesday night, March 13th, and enjoyed a banquet at the Hotel Ozona. The visiting managers, including the president of the Orange Cross chain, A. J. BUTTERY of San Aneglo (sic, i. e. Angelo), were guests of the Ozona store. Managers...present for the meeting included Joe RAMSEY of Best, Mr. RAPE of Rankin, Mr. ALLEN of McCamey, Bill COLE of Iraan, Wm. MALONE of Big Lake, A. J. BUTTERY of San Angelo, W. F. McBRIDE of Sonora, and Raymond GANT of Ozona.”

     Page 175 – “The J. E. MICHIE Drug Store at Brownfield recently celebrated with a formal opening. J. E. MICHIE, who has been in business at Brownfield for the past several years in the grocery line, has opened a first-class, modern drug store and soft drink fountain at that place.

     Bergman Drug Store of Livingston has moved to New Gulf. Hill FORMAN is manager.

     J. H. SMITH is building a new building for a drug store which was destroyed by fire at Briggs in November.

     A business transaction has lately been closed by which Bedel O’HAIR purchased an interest in Mackey’s Drug Store in Lampasas.

     The La Porte Drug Co. has moved into their new building. Mr. AGEE is proud of the new building, which is a credit to Main Street.

     Bill ANDREWS, druggist of Wellington, died Saturday, in a hospital at Wichita Falls. He was married two days previous to Mrs. Margaret MORGAN of Memphis.

     The Union Drug Store in Pelly has been purchased by D. ROYDER from W. E. DUPLANTUS and M. H. BOSTICK. has been operated by Royder for some time.

     C. R. BADGETT, Bells druggist for the past 26 years, has sold his drug store to Dr. C. S. CARTER, formerly of Whitewright, and Claud (sic) WHITING. Charlie CARTER, son of Dr. Carter, will assist Mr. Whiting in the store.

     Bob LYTAL, for the past several months with the Bowen’s drug store at Sweetwater, has gone to Big Spring, where he has accepted a position in the prescription department of the Cunningham-Philips drug store.

     J. R. RODEN, proprietor of the City Drug Store at Friona, has just completed the installation of one of the most efficient and up-to-date soda fountain equipments (sic) to be found anywhere on the Plains.

     The fixtures used by the Elliott Drug Store in its former location at Cisco have been moved to Mineral Wells. The fixtures will be used in the store to be established at Mineral Wells by C. C. ELLIOTT and F. W. MURPHY of Cisco.

     Blue Ridge has the distinction of having the only woman registered pharmacist in Mrs. J. O. NELSON and the only woman practising (sic) physician in Dr. S. F. MORROW, residents in Collin County....

     George HERRINGTON, who has been in the drug business in Lufkin for several years, has moved his stock and fixtures to Huntington, where he hwa again entered the drug business. He was in the drug business in Huntington for many years before he moved to Lufkin.”

(To be continued)

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