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     Descendants of Andrew STRAIN (born about 1750 and died in 1826 in Haywood County, North Carolina) and his wife, Mary REED, will celebrate eighty-three years of continuous family reunions on 17 July 2016 at the Sugar Valley Baptist Church in Sugar Valley, Georgia. Since church services will be in session until a little after noon, the covered-dish lunch for reunion attendees will begin soon afterward. The reunion will conclude with a business meeting. This year’s highlight will be the publication of a new two-volume Strain family history, which should be available during the meeting. For more details about the gathering and for pictures of previous reunions and the tombstones of Andrew and Mary Strain, go to the website at .

     This week we will share details from some selected classified ads on the back of two fragile newspaper clippings found in the Opal and Lester Saffell family papers, currently held in a private collection in Lubbock, Texas. The first set of items, which shed light on life in the early twentieth century, were on the back of the obituary for John B. Jones, which appeared on February 9, 1925, probably in “The Daily Review Atlas,” published in Monmouth, Warren County, Illinois. (See “Kinsearching” column dated 10 January 2016.)

     In these miscellaneous newspaper items, genealogists should be aware that some punctuation and capital letters in proper names have been added for clarity or meaning and readability. All-caps for surnames are used for emphasis.

     “Wanted – Furniture and piano moving. Experienced men. Good pads, large truck, long distance hauling a specialty. Reasonable rates. VAUGHN Transfer. Phone 931.

     Wanted – An experienced Millinery saleslady. Age 18 to 35 years. Apply at Millinery Dept. of the John C. ALLEN Co. Apply from 8 to 10 a. m.

     Wanted – Roomers and boards (sic). Inquire at 311 South 5th St. Phone 4579.

     Home Wanted – For a nice clean young high school girl. Will work for board and room. She has money enough to buy her clothes. A meeting can be arranged for. R. E. WHITE (Guardian).

     Wanted – 200 men to attend closing out sale, February 12. James E. RANNEY & Son.

     Wanted – Man, middle aged, active, for light, pleasant outside work. Permanent position in Monmouth. EMMONS Co., Newark, New York.

     Wanted – Women to earn big money making Bungalo aprons at home during spare time. Enclose 2c stamp for particulars. Rosemary Apron Co., Asbury Park, New Jersey.

     Wanted – Firemen and Brakemen. Beginners $150-$250 monthly (which position?). Railway Association, Desk 249A, Decatur, Illinois.”

     The second set of selected items below appeared in the city professional column on the back of the obituary of Mrs. George BARNETT. Although the obituary is undated, it was apparently published soon after 11 August 1922. No newspaper title or place of publication can be seen, but the article probably appeared in an Illinois newspaper. (See “Kinsearching” column dated 11 October 2015.)

     Two ads appear for the osteopathic physicians:

One for J. M. TURNBULL and Marie G. TURNBULL

and one for Dr. A. R. EKBOM.

     Chiropractor R. C. BARNES had an ad under the heading for that profession.

     William McKINLEY, manager of Maple City Vehicle & Implement Co., placed this ad: “Farmers, Attention

     Remember we deliver all goods and put them up on your farm. All you have to do is to call 1741, and the little red truck will be at your door in a very few minutes.

     Our stock is complete in everything you use on the farm and our prices are right. Please call and look over our goods, whether you intend to buy or not.”


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