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Marleta Childs
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     On August 12, 2007, the 33rd annual reunion of descendants of the STAUDT/STOUDT/STOUT family, which immigrated to America in 1733, will take place at Umbenhauer's Park in Bernville, PA. The park is located on Route 183, north of the Reading airport. For more details, get in touch with Beulah Stoudt Follmer, 1610 Crowder Avenue, Shillington, PA 19607 (phone 610-777-4814).

     Although some reunions have occurred annually for years, many are being held for the first time this year. Still others have not taken place because the people interested in starting one do not know how to begin. For more than seventeen years, Reunions Magazine has remained popular due to its ability to help individuals plan any aspect of such gatherings. Edith Wagner, the magazine's editor and publisher, sums up the periodical in her recent news release:  "...Reunions Magazine has served as a clearinghouse of reunion-planning experience. This reader-driven, bi-monthly publication tackles all the issues organizers face with planning a family, class, military or other reunion...The issues are myriad and the information fun to share with avid reunion organizers who are also our stars!"

     A few examples of topics in the April/May and the June/July/August, 2007, issues of the periodical are how to include the participation of reunion attendees who are hard of hearing, DNA testing, information about audio and video interviews, whether to have a family website or a family blog for your reunion, games and activities for children, food, reunion venues for camping and adventure, and a list of class reunion "do's and don'ts." In addition, many articles report on individual reunions and sometimes share the thoughts and suggestions of the reunion planners and attendees.

     Sample copies of Reunions Magazine are available to individuals who complete a survey at  or by sending $3 for shipping and handling to P. O. Box 11727, Milwaukee, WI 53211-0727. Annual subscription are $9.99 ($17.99 for two years), which includes a workbook. To subscribe, go to, write to P. O. Box 11727, Milwaukee, WI 53211-0727, or call 800-373-7933.

     Interested persons may request, for editorial purposes, review copies of the magazine and/or the workbook. Wagner also happily accepts interviews. Stock photographs and 2006 summer release and stories are also available. Inquiries may be sent to or call 414-263-4567.

     Charles N. Ferguson, 811 South Market, Shawnee, OK 74801 found the following graves in Fairview Cemetery in Gainesville, TX:

     1. John MCCRACKEN, no dates
         Was he the John G. MCCRACKEN, born in 1864? Did he marry Mary Lou A. HARRIS about 1894 in Wise Co., TX?

     2. William C. MCCRACKEN, 1868 - June 1943
         Mary E. MCCRACKEN, 1880 - January 1928

     3. Eugene MCCRACKEN, 11 Aug 1870 - 17 May 1947
         Maud MCCRACKEN, 28 June 1875 - 30 March 1934

     Were John, William, and Eugene sons of Ely MCCRACKEN who lived in Tarrant Co., TX, in 1880? Ferguson would appreciate more information about these individuals.

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