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     After a respite of several weeks, we now resume with another installment about the early history of Spur as demonstrated in selected items from various issues of the newspaper, The Texas Spur. (For background information about this series of articles, see Kinsearching column dated 8 February 2009.)


     For weeks before and after the town sold lots on 1 November 1909, Spur successfully attracted enterprising people. An article titled "Prospectors Arriving Daily" summed up the situation: "Almost daily people are coming to Spur, and after a view of the town and the present situation, may decide to locate and become permanent citizens...." (14 Jan 1910, v. 1, no. 12, p. 1, c. 5)

     As we saw in previous columns, some businesses had been established before the town was opened. For example, "FOY Brothers, formerly of Rotan, have put in an up-to-date barber shop and have been doing business the past ten days or two weeks in Spur, and since opening up for business have enjoyed a liberal patronage from the large number of people who are now on the grounds waiting for the sale of town lots." (29 Oct 1909, p. 3, c. 3)

     (Editor's Note: Perhaps this was the business interest Tip FOY came to check on as mentioned in Kinsearching column dated 17 May 2009.)

     Businesses often worked out of a transient location while a permanent facility was being built. Several, for example, used tents. (See Kinsearching column dated 8 Feb 2009.) Of course, the newspaper reported news about buildings under construction. "Bryant - Link and Company are building a substantial business house on the corner of Harris street (sic) and Burlington avenue (sic). At present, the company is doing business temporarily on Harris street. This is one of the largest firms of the country and are expected to do a large volume of business at Spur." (12 Nov 1909, p. 4, c. 2)

     "J. C. CLINGAN, of Lubbock, purchased a lot and is now building a house in which he will conduct a furniture business." (12 Nov 1909, p. 3, c. 1)

     Also, H. L. OWEN "is now building a business house." (12 Nov 1909, p. 3, c. 4)

     "J. A. Lambdin & Company, of Stamford, are putting in a large dry goods department store on Burlington avenue in Spur. Mr. LOVE will be manager of the business at this place." (12 Nov 1909, p. 4, c. 3)

     Since the town was just beginning, many people came to establish a business and then went back home. Soon, however, they returned to Spur and became citizens. "A. C. BUCHANAN, of Temple, left this week for his home. He purchased business property here and is now building. Mr. BUCHANAN will locate here permanently some time in the future and engage in the real estate business." (12 Nov 1909, p. 2, c. 4)

     "Herman and Robert MORRISON, of the firm of R. R. Morrison, of Rotan, were in Spur this week, making arrangements to put in a dry good business...." (12 Nov 1909, p. 3, c. 2)

     Some individuals came specifically to help found a business. In that case, they may not have become permanent residents. "L. H. PERRY, of Stephenville, spent several days here last week, assisting in establishing the Spur Hardware Company at Spur." (12 Nov 1909, p. 3, c. 1)

     Even more new businesses were in the planning stages. The newspaper continued listing names of individuals who bought business property. Among them was R. W. BAKER of Plainview, who "will put in a business soon"...(12 Nov 1909, p. 3, c. 4)

     C. C. SMITH from Tap also "bought business lots." (12 Nov 1909, p. 3, c. 5)

(To be continued)

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