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     The selected items below are found in the "Folks and Facts" column of the 15 Dec 1910 (Vol. 22, no. 50) issue of The Baptist Standard, Dallas, TX.

     Page 24 (Continued from 23 December 2007 "Kinsearching" column):

     "Brother Ozra MCKNIGHT has changed his address from Teneha (sic) to San Augustine. He is the pastor of the churches Liberty Hill and White Rock.

     Pastor S. A. NORTHROP of the First church, Kansas City, Kan., assisted by a great company of his brethren, erected a temporary tabernacle on Thanksgiving Day, wherein his people will worship pending the erection of their new $50,00 (sic) edifice.

     The Richland Springs church welcomed their new pastor, Brother L. B. OWEN, into the spacious rooms of a brand new parsonage.

     Rev. Charles L. ROADES, who has served for a number of years as District Secretary of the Foreign Mission Society of the Northern Convention, has become the pastor of the Prospect Avenue Baptist church, Buffalo, N. Y. He succeeds Dr. G. G. JOHNSON now of New York city.

     Brother W. L. ROBERTSON says: 'Pastor J. G. LEUTWYLER, recently resigned at Sour Lake, is a useful man and strong preacher. He is admirably equipped for a mixed German and American neighborhood and should be kept busy in the Master's service.'

     Brother J. C. ROBINSON, recently pastor at Spur, has begun service as pastor at Luling.

     William Jewell College has furnished another successful contestant for a Rhodes scholarship in the person of Mr. J. Pendleton SMITH.

     The address of Brother J. B. VINSON is changed from Abilene to Haskell. He is pastor of the Weinert, Goree and Rowden churches.

     We have received formal notification from Brother Chas. A. WALKER, one of the officials of the Pennsylvania brotherhood, of the transfer of pastoral relations by Brother J. J. BULLEN from the Nicetown church, Philadelphia, to the Houston Square church, El Paso.

     Dr. D. G. WHITTINGHILL, the missionary, on his way back to Rome, is met by a telegram announcing the death of his year-old baby boy...."

Page 25:

     "There were several hundred additions to the churches as a result of the evangelistic campaign in Lynchburg, Va., led by Dr. Weston BRUNER and his corps of helpers. They are now holding successful meetings in a joint campaign at Covington, Newport, Dayton and Ludlow, Ky.

     Rev. Friley F. GIBSON, of Fort Smith, Ark., has been secured for a number of addresses at the Evangelistic Conference to be held at our new seminary hall in Fort Worth the first three days in January....

     We hear from one of our esteemed subscribers, Mrs. W. C. HEATH, of Wichita Falls, that she has placed her daughter, Miss Willia B. LEWIS, in the Baptist Memorial Sanitarium Training School for nurses at Dallas. Sister Heath takes justifiable pride in the entrance of her daugher into this noble sisterhood.

     Pastor J. R. JESTER of Shawnee, Okla. supplied (sic) for the Broadway church, Fort Worth, last Sunday."

(To be continued)

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