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     Names of numerous people are scattered throughout the text of OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS OF THE THIRTY-SIXTH ANNUAL CONVENTION OF THE TEXAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION, HELD IN HOUSTON, TEXAS, JUNE 15, 16, 17, 1915 (Dallas: Johnston Printing & Adv. Co., probably in 1915). Below are examples of miscellaneous information about some of the individuals. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis. Some punctuation may be changed for clarity.)

     Page 27 – On 14 September 1914, President Walker D. ADAMS called a meeting of the Executive Committee and Legislative Committee to meet with the Texas Board of Pharmacy in Dallas. The purpose was to discuss the pharmacy and narcotic drafts prepared by R. H. WALKER, which were presented to “last year’s” (i. e., 1913) annual meeting of the Texas Pharmaceutical Association. Members of the committee who attended were

R. H. WALKER, Secretary of Texas Board of Pharmacy, Gonzales;

John R. CRITTENDEN, Navasota;

John WEEKS, Ballinger;

H. V. SCHUMANN, New Braunfels;

W. H. COUSINS, member of Texas Board of Pharmacy, Wichita Falls;

C. E. CRAYCROFT, Chairman of the Legislative Committee;

W. W. LITTLEFIELD, member of the Committee;


E. G. EBERLE, Secretary of Texas Pharmaceutical Association.

     Page 35 – P. A. MANDABACH was the Secretary-Treasurer of the National Association of Drug Clerks.

     Page 36 – Ellie C. SCHAEFER of San Antonio wrote an undated {1914?] letter to E. G. EBERLE of Dallas. She requested that he “remove my name from {the} membership list of the Texas Pharmaceutical Association. For the next three years or more, I will be studying medicine and will not have time to even be interested in what pharmacists are doing.”

     Pages 38-39 – A financial report mentions several individuals whose names usually appear in a category several times.

     Campaign and Traveling Expenses in 1914:

C. E. CRAYCROFT to Dallas (also made two trips in 1913)



     General Expenses in 1914:

T. E. BAILEY, printer (also had some expenses in 1913)

A. H. EZELL, printing

     Clerical Expenses in 1914:

Miss Kate T. RICE





     Page 56 – F. A. CHAPA of San Antonio wrote a letter on 15 June 1915 to A. M. FISCHER, in care of the Druggists Convention in Houston. Chapa stated it was impossible for him to attend. “This Colonel is going to stay home ready for the country’s call, in case he is needed either to go across the water or the creek.” (Editor’s note: The United States had not yet joined the fighting in Europe in World War I, but a revolution was taking place in Mexico.  In 1916, Pancho Villa made an expedition into Columbus, New Mexico.)

     Page 57 - On 15 June 1915, D. S. PEOPLES of Point wrote a letter to Dr. E. G. EBERLE, Secretary and Treasurer, of Houston. Sending in his dues, PEOPLES stated he could not attend the convention because he was the Superintendent of the Sunday School there and a County Sunday School Institute would be meeting in his church on June 17-18.


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