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Marleta Childs
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     Charles N. Ferguson, 811 South Market, Shawnee, OK 74801 is seeking information about the following family who lived in Ellis Co., TX, in 1860:

     M. A. BOREN was Mallissa Ann, who married John PERDUE about 1870-1872. Her mother's maiden name was ALLRED.

     The selected items below are found in the "Folks and Facts" column on page 25 of the 15 Dec 1910 (Vol. 22, no. 50) issue of The Baptist Standard, Dallas, TX.

     "Pastor J. M. JOINER is being blessed in his work at Hamilton. He received nine new members on the first Sunday in this month. He boasts of a class of thirty-one who are taking the Normal Teacher Training course. He would like to know if any church can boast of a bigger class.

     'Pastor J. R. NUTT will deliver his well (sic) address at French Camp on the second Sunday in December. He goes to Mildred, Texas. We are pained to lose Brother Nutt and his splendid wife, who is a niece of Dr. J. B. GAMBRELL. When you get tired, you can come back home, as we will always have a good place for you.' Baptist Record (Miss.)

     "Service," the organ of the B. Y. P. U. of America, is to have a new editor in the person of Prof. E. B. POLLARD, Ph. D., of Crozier Theological Seminary, who relieves Secretary WEBB of that work that the latter may attend to the many other duties pressing upon him.

     Rev. Wilson ROGERS, pastor of the Kaufman church, preached for his old charge at McKinney Avenue, Dallas, Sunday, and attended the Pastor's Conference Monday morning to the pleasure of his old co-laborers.

     Rev. J. H. SHAKESPEARE, of London, in a communication to the Religious Herald, referring most appreciatively to the recent visit of Dr. Len G. BROUGHTON of Atlanta to that great city, says: 'He is preacher to his finger-tips. No man can surpass him in relating an incident. To an English audience there is a resemblance so close as to be startling to the late Sir Henry IRVING, the most famous actor of our generation.'

     Brother E. L. SPRINGER goes from Avoca to Eastland.

     'We announced last week the (sic) W. J. WARD, of Maryville, Mo., had accepted the pastorate at Devine, Tex. He is one of the best and truest of men. He has done pastoral work in Missouri seventeen years. In Moberly, in Maryville, in whatever place he has served God (word unreadable; perhaps "in") the pastorate the people love him. (First word unreadable; probably "He") has a noble, cultured wife and lovely children.' Word and Way."


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