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     If you believe one of your ancestors was a merchant connected with the Santa Fe Trail, you may want to check out the research articles funded by the National Park Service on the Santa Fe Trail Association website at Two recent items are “Non-New Mexican Merchants Listed in the 1860/1870 Censuses” and “New Mexican Merchants Listed in the 1860/1870 Censuses.” Under the heading About Us, go to Our Programs, then Scholarly Research, and you will see the link to the National Park Service articles.

     The following lists of chapter representatives can be found on page [67] of TRANSACTIONS OF THE M. E. GRAND ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER OF TEXAS AT ITS THIRTIETH ANNUAL CONVOCATION HELD AT THE MASONIC TEMPLE, IN THE CITY OF HOUSTON, ON THURSDAY, THE ELEVENTH DAY OF DECEMBER, A. D. 1879, A. I. 2409, AT THREE O’CLOCK P. M., which was published in Houston by W. H. Coyle, Printer and Lithographer, in 1880. (In the title, the M and E are each followed by three dots, representing the Triple Tau emblem of the organization. However, for simplicity, a period is used in this column. For more information about the organization, go to Except for a few cases, the rosters give the name of the person, state of the grand chapter, and the individual’s place of residence.

     Representatives of the M. E. Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas near other Grand Chapters:

Henry THOMAS, California, San Jose

Richard BRIESLY, Canada, Montreal

W. B. LANGRIDGE, Iowa, not given

Jacob SWIGERT, Kentucky, not given

Samuel M. TODD, Louisiana, New Orleans

W. L. VANDERLIP, Maryland, not given

E. D. B. PORTER, Minnesota, not given

Noah M. GIVEN, Missouri, Harrisonville

Arthur G. POLLARD, Massachusetts, not given

Henry C. BANKS, New York, New York City

Henry O. HANNA, Nebraska, Nebraska City

E. M. COPELAND, Quebec, not given

A. T. SMYTHE, South Carolina, not given

B. F. HALLER, Tennessee, Memphis

O. MEACHAM, Vermont, Brandon

K. D. WALKER, West Virginia, Fairmount (Cass County)

     Representatives of other Grand Chapters near the M. E. Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas:

Henry SCHERFFIUS, Canada, Houston

James F. MILLER, District of Columbia, Gonzales

Benj. A. BOTTS, Kentucky, Houston

Philip C. TUCKER, Louisiana, Galveston

Robert M. ELGIN, Massachusetts, Houston

Robert BREWSTER, Minnesota, Houston

James F. MILLER, New Hampshire, Gonzales

Robert BREWSTER, Oregon, Houston

Robert BREWSTER, South Carolina, Houston

E. W. TAYLOR, Tennessee, Houston

Philip C. TUCKER, Vermont, Galveston

William F. SWAIN, West Virginia, Columbia (Brazoria County)


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