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     Just like they do at annual conventions of large professional organizations today, salespeople in previous eras attended events to advertise and to make available their products. Below is the list of “drug travelers” taking part in the 1915 pharmaceutical meeting in the Lone Star State. Their names and places of residence can be found on page 126 of the OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS OF THE THIRTY-SIXTH ANNUAL CONVENTION OF THE TEXAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION, HELD IN HOUSTON, TEXAS, JUNE 15, 16, 17, 1915. The volume was published in Dallas by the Johnston Printing & Adv. Co. (sic), probably in 1915. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis. Some punctuation may be changed for clarity.)

BATES, W. E., Houston

BECK, Arthur A., Blackwell, OK

BRIGGS, A. E., Dallas

BRIGGS, H. A., Evansville

BUSCHARDT, W. C., Houston

BYNUM, R. J., New Orleans, LA

CALLWAY (sic), C. S., Houston

CALVIN, L. S., Dallas

CAMMACK, R. B., Beaumont

CAMPBELL, F. M., Plano

CARLTON, H. L., Taylor

COOLEY, H. G., Dallas

COSTON, W. T., Dallas

CRAIG, Hugh, Chicago, IL

DeLANEY, H. J., Dallas

DeWOODY, C. J., Dallas

DONEY, L., C., Corpus Christi

GALLAGHER, J. E., San Antonio

GATLING, S. K., Dallas

GRAVES, J. A., Austin

GROMAN, J. F., San Antonio

HARING, L. H., Beaumont

HUESTON, E. J., San Antonio

KING, Garnet W., Houston

KLINE, J. F., San Antonio

LINVILLE, M. E., Fort Worth

LONG, Alfred, Dallas

MARTIN, W. F., San Antonio

MAXWELL, Sam K., Dallas

McNEEL, C. J., Houston

PHILLIPPI, C. H., Dallas

PUFF, L. R., Dallas

REYNOLDS, Geo. T., Dallas

ROGERS, U. E., Cincinnati, OH

ROWDEN, Chas., San Antonio

SCOTT, E. H., Dallas

SMITH, C. W., Dallas

STEAD, H. H., Houston

STRAWN, L. G., Houston

SUTTON, Chas. E., Houston

TAYLOR, W. L., Fort Worth

THOMPSON, O. J., Dallas

WESTPHAL, W. H., Houston

WOOLF, N. L., Boston, Mass.


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