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     As readers have seen in previous Kinsearching columns, names of a variety of people are scattered throughout the text of OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS OF THE THIRTY-SIXTH ANNUAL CONVENTION OF THE TEXAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION, HELD IN HOUSTON, TEXAS, JUNE 15, 16, 17, 1915 (Dallas: Johnston Printing & Adv. Co., probably in 1915). Here are more examples of information about miscellaneous individuals. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis. Some punctuation may be changed for clarity.)

     Page 56-57 – During a meeting on 16 June 1915, the applications of Van D. HOOKER of Carthage and Walter W. GLASS of Port Arthur “were read and applicants were duly elected to membership.” Others who had already been admitted to membership were Isadore SCHAFFER of Beasley, A. S. McCLELLAN of San Antonio, and Alfred WILLIAMS of San Marcos.

     Pages 56-59 - Several letters containing best wishes for a pleasant and successful convention were read. Among those who wrote were

Edmond A. WHITTIER of NY;

Lum SHIPE of San Marcos;

F. C. STUTZLEN, Secretary of the New Jersey Pharmaceutical Association, of “Essex and Sussex Springlake, NJ;”

J. G. BEARD, Secretary of the North Carolina Pharmaceutical Association, of Durham, NC;

W. B. DAY, Secretary of the Illinois Pharmaceutical Association, of Springfield, IL;

J. W. GAYLE, Secretary of the Kentucky Pharmaceutical Association, of Dawson Springs, KY;

W. E. BINGHAM, Secretary of the Alabama Pharmaceutical Association, of Selma, AL;

and B. E. DOWNS, Secretary of the West Virginia Pharmaceutical Association, of Clarksburg, WV.

     A joint letter from O. J. CLOUGHLY, President, and W. M. WHELPLEY, Permanent Secretary of the Missouri Pharmaceutical Association, of St. Louis, expressed an interest in a joint session with representatives from the Texas Pharmaceutical Association at their upcoming convention in Pertle Springs (Warrensburg), Missouri.

     Page 64 – At a meeting on 19 May 1915, several accounts were ordered to be paid. Individuals mentioned were




and R. H. WALKER for his salary, stenographer, and sundry items covering incidentals in office.

     Page 91 – Officers elected for the “ensuing Year” were

A. M. FISCHER, San Antonio, President;

C. E. CRAYCROFT, Sherman, First Vice-President;

W. G. WILMAN, Brownsville, Second Vice-President;

Mrs. E. B. DWYER, Houston, Third Vice-President;

Tom J. SNELL, Cooper, Fourth Vice-President;

W. H. COUSINS, Dallas, Secretary-Treasurer;

J. W. GRAHAM, Austin, Home Secretary;

Miss Lum SHIPE, San Marcos, Historian;

and J. W. COVEY, Fort Worth, Local Secretary.

     Trustees were

R. H. WALKER, Gonzales (re-elected);

Cecil V. ROGERS, Dallas (hold-over);

and F. A. CHAPA, San Antonio (hold-over).


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