Kinsearching June 4, 2006




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      As public schools and colleges let out for the summer, educators and pupils alike enjoy having no classes. Many teachers and students look forward to returning home, visiting friends or relatives, or taking a trip. Others, however, have more serious plans, such as joining the military. As demonstrated in old newspapers, such activities at the end of the school year are nothing new.

          The following items come from the 10 May 1918 issue of the newspaper The Merkel Mail, published in Merkel, TX.

     "Jack EMBRY, who has been attending School (sic) here the past term, returned to his home at Sweetwater.

     J. M. CHANDLER of the High (sic) school left last Friday for his home in Abilene.

     Miss Emma HOUSTON, teacher of the Fifth Grade (sic), left last Saturday morning for her home in Abilene after a very pleasant and successful school term.

     Miss Alma WELLS, the efficient Third Grade (sic) teacher, left last Friday for her home in Anson after a most pleasant term.

     E. V. WHITE, Dean of C. I. A., Denton, formerly Supt. of the Schools here, visited his wife's parents and family, Mr. and Mrs. V. MARTIN last Tuesday. He came by from an intensely sad trip from a visit to the burial of his mother at Roscoe....

     Miss Ora BRYOSN (sic) of Noodle, one of the High School (sic) graduates, left a few days ago for her home.

     Miss Amber LEWIS, Second Grade (sic) teacher, left Friday for her home in Midlothian."

          Some individuals went off to do their part in World War I:

     "Superintendent R. C. SCUDDY and Principal F. H. TOOMBS of the Trent public schools resigned last Friday to enter the army, the former being in Class 1 and the latter going as a volunteer. These men have done good service in the schools at Trent and through their efficient management the system was held together in the churches while the magnificent new school building was under construction."

     Summer is also the main time of the year when family reunions occur. Edith Wagner, editor and publisher of the highly acclaimed Reunions magazine, has compiled data about their significance. She kindly shares her findings in this recent news release:


     "It's here. Reunion season opens wide on Memorial Day and will enjoy a lively summer until Labor Day. (Reunions are held year-round, but the largest number of family and class reunions take place in summer months, followed by a rise in military reunions after school starts.)

     What will this reunion season look like? Reunions magazine's conservative estimate is that 200,000 family reunions and 150,000 class reunions will be followed by about 5,000 military reunions. Whereas class reunions generally go 'home,' many family and military reunions will travel, with everyone meeting at a particular destination. Reunion sites range from Granny's backyard to the deck of a cruise ship, and every venue in between that offers hospitality and/or accommodations.

     The Kortendick Family Reunion will take place mainly in Burlington, Wisconsin, over several days in August, with members coming from both coasts and everywhere in between. They are descendants of the eight children of Peter and Mary Kortendick, whose claim to fame was ownership of the White Elephant Tavern in Kansasville, Wisconsin. The big, mechanical white elephant from the front window of the tavern is at every reunion!"

(To be continued)