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     Genealogists usually want to learn everything they can about their ancestors. Details about how long their forebears worked at a particular place, practiced a specific trade, or belonged to an organization, for example, make family history more interesting and may provide clues for further research. As time marches on, first-hand knowledge of these facts often gets lost so written or printed records may become the only source available.

     Page 288 of the Texas Bar Association Proceedings of the Thirty-first Annual Session Held at Galveston, July 2-3-4, 1912 (Austin, TX: A. C. Baldwin & Sons, 1913) furnishes a list of the names of new members admitted at the yearly meeting. The roster supplies the individualís name and place of residence.

J. T. ADAMS, Orange

A. E. AMERMAN, Houston

Wm. E. AUSTIN, Bay City

Joseph H. AYNESWORTH, Childress

K. C. BARKLEY, Houston

W. H. BASSETT, Brenham

Thos. B. BOTTS, Brenham

Richard S. BOWERS, Caldwell

Wm. O. BOWERS, Giddings

E. T. BRANCH, Houston

Clay S. BRIGGS, Galveston

Geo. T. BURGESS, Dallas

H. L. CARPENTER, Greenville


Alex S. COKE, Dallas

B. J. CUNNINGHAM, Galveston

W. L. DAVIDSON, Georgetown

Harris P. DARST, Richmond

R. L. DANIEL, Victoria

J. L. DARROUZET, Galveston

W. L. DEAN, Huntsville

Perry G. DEDMON, Fort Worth

R. W. FRANKLIN, Houston

D. E. GARRETT, Houston

H. L. GARRETT, Galveston

John E. GREEN, Jr., Houston

John W. GAINES, Bay City

Geo. A. HILL, Jr., Houston

Robert L. HOLIDAY, El Paso

Morris B. HARRELL, Greenville

T. J. HOLBROOK, Galveston

L. C. HUVELLE, Dallas

Geo. S. KING, Nacogdoches

John W. KINCAID, Austin

I. S. KAMPMANN, San Antonio

John A. KIRLICKS, Houston

A. G. LIPSCOMB, Hempstead

Richard R. LEWIS, Bay City

(To be continued)

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