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     In addition to the names of regular members, the 1915 roster of the organization contains a list of “honorary members,” which included both men and women. Their names and places of residence can be found on page 133 of the OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS OF THE THIRTY-SIXTH ANNUAL CONVENTION OF THE TEXAS PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION, HELD IN HOUSTON, TEXAS, JUNE 15, 16, 17, 1915. The volume was published in Dallas by the Johnston Printing & Adv. Co. (sic), probably in 1915. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis. Some punctuation may be changed for clarity.)

ABBOTT, J. S. (U. S. Dept. of Agriculture), Washington, DC

BOND, John B. (M. D.), Little Rock, Ark.

DAVIS, M. B., JR., Waco

FEIN, Miss M. A., Little Rock, Ark.

KNISELEY, H. P., Checotah, OK

KNOX, Miss Bird, Houston

LYONS, James, Dallas

MORRIS, Seth (M. D.), Galveston

PARSONS, Felix, Dallas

REMINGTON, J. P., Philadelphia, PA

REUSS, E., San Antonio

ADAMS, Mrs. W. D., Forney

ALLEN, Mrs. L. C., Houston

BERGFELD, Mrs. A., Seguin

CARTER, Mrs. Chas. F., Houston

COUSINS, Mrs. W. H., Dallas

DAVIS, Mrs. M. B., Jr., Waco

EBERLE, Mrs. E. G., Dallas

GARBADE. Mrs. W. T., Galveston

GLISSMAN, Mrs. C. W., Brenham

HARLESS, Mrs. B. F., Houston

JACKSON, Mrs. Chas. H., Sherman

KEENE, Mrs. D. Scott, Galveston

KOESTER, Mrs. Herman, Galveston

LYONS, Mrs. James, Dallas

ORTON, Mrs. I. F. Galveston

ROBINSON, Mrs. J. F., Waelder

ROGERS, Mrs. J. C., Center

SCHUMANN, Mrs. H. V., New Braunfels

WALKER, Mrs. R. H., Gonzales

YORK, Mrs. E. B., Edna

CLINE, Miss Anna, Galveston

DOMINGO, Miss E. C., Galveston

FISHER, Miss C., Waelder

JAHN, Miss Ella, Gonzales

LAZENBY, Miss Jennie, Waco

SACCAR, Miss Mary, Hallettsville

SCHOTT, Miss Christine, Galveston

SCHOTT, Miss M., Galveston

SCHRODT, Jacob Jr., Dallas

SCUDDER, Miss Jay, Galveston

WALKER, Miss Pearl, Gonzales


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