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     Information about the deaths of two more members can be found on pages 69-70 of the OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS OF THE THIRTY-SIXTH ANNUAL CONVENTION OF THE TEXAS PHARMCEUTICAL ASSOCIATION, HELD IN HOUSTON, TEXAS, JUNE 15, 16, 17, 1915. The volume was published in Dallas by the Johnston Printing & Adv. Co. (sic), probably in 1915. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis. Some punctuation may be changed for clarity.)

     “Henry F. LACKEY, one of the best known druggists of Fort Worth, died February 7th after several years of ill health. He was born in Kentucky in 1872 and came to Texas with his parents when a youth.

     After attending the Louisville College of Pharmacy, Mr. Lackey engaged in the drug business in Bridgeport, Texas. Later, in conjunction with his brother, Dr. W. C. LACKEY, he established Lackey’s Pharmacy and, still later, Lackey’s Hemphill Pharmacy in Fort Worth. In 1911, ill health forced him to change climate and he spent the last four years of his life in the country around El Paso.

     When in Fort Worth, Mr. Lackey was active in all civic affairs. He was a member of the Ad Club, Chamber of Commerce, Secretary and later President of the Tarrant County Retail Druggists’ Association. He was an active member of the Broadway Baptist Church, church clerk, deacon, and President of the B. Y. P. U.

     Mr. Lackey was one of the first to inaugurate the movement of Sunday closing of drug stores and was a strong supporter of same. He was just in all his dealings and a true gentleman and a true friend. His death brought sorrow to a large circle of friends.

     He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Hattie LACKEY; his mother; three brothers; and five sisters.”


     “James D. MORGAN was drowned in Elm Creek, near Ballinger, Texas, April 28, 1915.

     Mr. Morgan owned a part interest in the Walker Drug Company of Ballinger. He was one of the most popular young men in the business and social circles of that town. He had a smile for every one (sic), and it has been said of him that he had no enemy.

     Mr. Morgan is survived by his father and five sisters.”


     On pages 71-72, R. H. WALKER gave a memorial address in which he paid tribute to other members who died in previous years or who had a spouse who was recently deceased. The individuals mentioned were

     L. M. CONNOR, the first President, then Secretary, and later re-elected President of the Association;

     George H. KALTEYER, who presided “over this body” for the years 1885-1886 and 1891-1892 and died in 1897;

     George W. HEYER, previous Secretary of the Association, who was survived by his wife;

     James L. HAZLETT, President of the organization for the years 1899-1901, who died as a result of injury suffered in an accident in 1908, when he fell from the “Figure Eight” at the amusement park;

     George J. F. SMITH of San Antonio, who died October 12, 1907;

     B. W. FEARIS of Waxahachie, who served as President of the Association;

     and I. LEWYN, whose wife passed away. (For details about her death, see Kinsearching, dated 24 February 2019.


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