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     On 23-24 June 2017, the 15th annual TOLLIVER family reunion will take place at the Carl D. Perkins Community Center, located on Route 32/ Flemingsburg Road in Morehead, Kentucky. All descendants of the five TOLLIVER/TOLIVER brothers who were in North Carolina in the 1700s are invited to attend. Individuals who hope to attend are encouraged to bring old family photographs or interesting family mementoes to share with relatives as well as family recipes for inclusion in a planned cookbook.

     In addition to the opportunity to meet new kinfolks and exchange genealogical information, people at the reunion will enjoy a game of bingo, a potluck lunch, a silent auction, and a talent-hobby show. Activities for children are also scheduled. A printed tour guide will be available for those who would like to visit some Tolliver family sites, such as the Jacob Finley Tolliver cemetery.

     For more information about the reunion and places to stay, go to the website at or get in touch with Emma Lee Tolliver, 472 E. Torrence Rd., Columbus, OH 43214 (phone 614-267-6556 or 614-620-6556; e-mail ) or Dr. J. D. Reeder at

     The following miscellaneous items can be found on page 34 of the December 1938 issue of The Texas Druggist. (Some punctuation may be changed or added for clarity. Surnames are capitalized for emphasis.)

     “S. E. BUCHANAN, Longview druggist, has announced the purphase (sic) of Proctor’s Pharmacy and it will operate under his personal management.

     Mr. and Mrs. Roy HALEY have purchased the drug store formerly known as the Curry Pharmacy at Sanderson from Cam LONGLEY.

     Gordon MACKEY sold his interest in the Mackey Drug Co. at Lampasas to R. S. NICHOLS and J. B. CASS; the business will be conducted in the same place where it has been for many years. The name will be changed to Nichols & Cass.

     City Drug Co., Teague, has new management in the person of James NEALE, who has been with this popular drug store for some 15 years, a well-deserved promotion. J. L. GORDON, registered pharmacist, is in charge of the prescription department. The establishment is owned by Dr. W. P. HARRISON and DR. E. V. HEADLEE.

     Sale of Fox Drug Store No. 4, at Amarillo, to Wayne NISBETT and Howard RANDALL has been announced by the new owners.

     O. G. PIERCE has purchased the Ben Franklin Drug Store at Cooper from J. M. LOVEN of Paris. Mr. Pierce, who has been in charge of the store for the last few months, will continue to operate it.

     James W. RADFORD announces the sale of Radford Pharmacy at Fairfield to Witt WOOD. The store will be known as Wood’s Drug Store. Mr. Wood comes from Lovelady, Houston County, where he has been engaged in the drug business.”

     The following miscellaneous items can be found on page 15 of the September 1927 issue (Volume 48, Number 4) of The Texas Druggist.

     “J. W. BOUNDS of Waco has bought the City Drug Store at Waxahachie, corner of the Rogers Hotel block.

     The Southwest Druggists Association had the largest attendance at the convention and copped the attendance cup. E. C. KOERTH of Yoakum is president.”


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