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     The annual Orphan Train Riders celebration will take place on June 10-11 in Concordia, KS. A tentative schedule of events includes a tour of the historic Stone House combined with a program about historic preservation, a presentation on public records research, tours of the National Orphan Train Complex (NOTC), speeches by Riders, and a program about the orphan train riders. Optional activities include a master carpenter’s presentation at the Cloud County Historical Museum, research at the National Orphan Train Complex and the Frank Carlson Library, and tours (by appointment) of the World War II POW Camp and the Nazareth Convent. For information concerning costs and places to stay and further details about events, write to NOTC, P. O. Box 322, Concordia, KS 66901-0322; call Muriel Anderson at 785-243-4471; or e-mail

     As a fund-raiser, NOTC has initiated an “Adopt-A-Day” at the National Orphan Train Complex to honor your loved one on a special day, such as the birthday or departure date of your Rider. For details about this project, write or e-mail NOTC at the addresses in the paragraph above.

     The following items from the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for Augusta Co., VA, can be found on page 1, column 1 of the 24 March 1836 issue (Vol. XIII, No. 17) of the Staunton Spectator and General Advertiser, published in Staunton, VA. As researchers know, the material may furnish genealogical data and may tell which individuals have moved elsewhere. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis.)

     7 Dec 1835 – Case of Matthew WHITE, plaintiff, against Jacob MOORE and James J. MOORE, administrators of Isaac MOORE, deceased; John THOMAS and Elizabeth, his wife, late Elizabeth MOORE; Peter LOWRY & Susan, his wife, late MOORE; John ZIMBRO and Mary, his wife, late MOORE; William ESTIS and Martha, his wife, late MOORE; and Thomas HARRIS and Jane, his wife, defendants.

     “The defendants, Jacob MOORE, one of the administrators of Isaac Moore, dec’d, and John ZIMBRO and Mary his wife, late MOORE, not having entered their appearance and given security...and it appearing by satisfactory evidence, that they are not inhabitants of this commonwealth (sic): It is ordered, that the said defendants do appear here, on the first day of the next Term, (10th of June) and answer the bill of the plaintiff; and that a copy of this order, be forthwith inserted in some newspaper printed in Staunton, for two months successively, and posted at the front door of the court house of Augusta county (sic)....Nich’s (sic) C. KINNEY, C. C.”

     7 Dec 1835 – David ROSS, plaintiff, against James CURRY and Thomas A. TURK, defendants.

     Concerning the defendant, James CURRY: “ appearing by satisfactory evidence, that he is not an inhabitant of this Commonwealth....” (Editor’s note: For this item and those below, the rest of the information, such as the date of June 10, is the same as that ordered in the MOORE case.)

     7 March 1836 – Thomas J. MICHIE, Administrator of Ashur W. GARBER, deceased, plaintiff, against Joseph SHEETS, Joseph BOWYER, and James GREGORY, defendants.

     Referring to the defendant Joseph SHEETS, the court states: “ appearing by satisfactory evidence, that he is not an inhabitant of this Commonwealth....”

     7 March 1836 – John CARTHRAE, plaintiff, against, William D. CLARKE and Hatch CLARKE, defendants.

     Regarding the defendant, William D. CLARKE: “ appearing by satisfactory evidence, that he is not an inhabitant of this Commonwealth....”

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