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     This week we conclude selected data from the article, "Wearers of the Gray," which appears in the 27 April 1906 (Vol. XXI, No. 47) issue of The Dallas Semi-Weekly News. Besides furnishing details about a Confederate veterans' convention, the newspaper items provide insight into the journalistic style of the early twentieth century.

     "Texas fared well in committee appointments today." Hon. Anson RAINEY was elected to the resolutions committee and Gen. R. W. HENDERSON served on the credentials committee.

     "During the afternoon session at the auditorium, Gen. W. L. CABELL of Dallas was honored by being called to preside over the memorial session....The aged veteran, who is now fast showing decline with each reunion, was given a rousing ovation when he took the speaker's chair and opened the services." News leaked out that the Arkansas division, "through Gen. ROBERTS, commanding," was preparing to surprise Gen. CABELL the next day with a "handsome medal and badge...."

     The article then reported on efforts by Richmond, VA, to hold the next reunion, in which Nashville, TN, was also interested. Texas hinted that it might make a bid to hold the reunion in 1908.

     "Arrangements have been made for Texas to have a prominent place in the parade Friday. Gen. CABELL says he will ride a horse, but the committee will have a carriage if he is unable to do so. Other Texas officers will appear mounted with the sponsors riding in carriages. This arranging for the parade has brought the committee face to face with the serious problem of these parades because the old veterans are no longer able to make the march, but they still persist in marching over the route on foot, despite their infirmities. This year several automobiles will follow each division, ready to pick up the old boys as they drop by the wayside. Gen. Stephen D. LEE is in favor of abolishing parades.

     H. J. to the convention the names of a committee selected by Gen. CABELL to make reply to the greeting of the Sons of Veterans." Then the presiding officer introduced "the orator of the reunion, Judge James B. GANTT of Jefferson City, Mo., the Major General commanding the Missouri division of the Confederate Veterans." After his speech, the meeting adjourned until 10:00 the next morning.

     As part of the entertainment, a series of exhibition drills was performed at night in the auditorium. The first drill was by the Beauregard Cadets of San Antonio, commanded by Miss Lillian NORVELL.

     Miss Mollie BLANCHARD led the "March of the States," which was represented by
Miss FENNEY, South Carolina;
Miss Jane BRUNSON, Mississippi;
Miss A. DAVID, Alabama;
Miss A. NORTH, Florida;
Miss Emma ROHRBASHER, Georgia;
Miss L. PINSKI, Louisiana;
Miss E. MOHR, Texas;
Miss M. Peigrat, Virginia;
Miss C. RENAUD, Arkansas;
Miss COE, North Carolina;
Miss R. BERNARD, Tennessee;
Miss A. L. GENDRE (?), Kentucky;
Miss A. HOFFMAN, Missouri; and
Miss T. HUNZELMAN, Maryland.

     "A dress parade and prize drill by a number of boy cadets corps concluded the regular program and the remainder of the evening was spent in dancing."


(Editor's Note: For additional background information and the first half of this article, see Kinsearching column dated 22 March 2009.)

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