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     An interesting column in the Dallas Semi-Weekly Farm News was “The Cozy Corner.” It featured the section, “To the Cousins,” where the term “cousins” usually referred, rather loosely, to readers who wrote letters and submitted news from around Texas. (In some instances, of course, the word “cousin” may have meant “relative”.) Using the name “Little Mr. Big Hat,” the editor called everyone “cousin” in the column. Before reproducing some of the letters, the editor extracted details from selected writings. The excerpts below are found in columns 1 and 2 on page 7 of the 27 April 1906 issue of the newspaper. Note the discrepancy in spelling—probably due to typographical error—of some names. (Surnames are capitalized for emphasis and sometimes punctuation may be added for clarity.)

     Frank ARNOLD of DeKalb, TX, announced the marriage of “Cousin” Carrie ARNOLD and Joe O’NEAL on 5 November 1905 in Rogers Prairie, TX.
     (Editor’s note: In this case, Frank and Carrie ARNOLD may have real cousins.)

     Delia CHANEY of Garrison, TX, wrote to tell about the marriage of Jim MOORE and Georgia BARON (sic), both of Garrison.
     (Editor’s note: The names appear as J. M. MOORE and Miss Georgia BARTON in Delia’s letter.)

     Twelve-year-old seventh-grader Sallie FRANKLIN of Buna, TX, wanted to let people know about the January 9 marriage of Docie MORSE (sic) and Sam WILLIAMS.
     (Editor's note: In Sallie's letter, Docie’s surname is given as MARSE. Franklin wrote that the couple “now live near Buna” and that “Dacie (sic) and I were schoolmates.”)

     Willie GARNER of Pecan Gap, TX, let the editor know about the death in March of Bessie MCCOMBS of Yowell, TX.

     Visitors welcomed by the editor “last week” were DOLLIE HUBBARD of Arlington, TX, and Bessie KIRBY, B. H. KIRBY, Thos. (sic) KIRBY, and Minnie DREKSHAGE of Grand Prairie, TX. Ethel WHITE of Rowe, TX, came to visit “later.” The editor notes: “She is attending a musical conservatory in Dallas” and states that some of her Dallas friends accompanied her.

     Ollie May MARTIN of Locust, TX, sent the editor a copy of her composition, “The White Rose Song,” which Martin published herself.

     R. M. NEEB of Dallas “came to the office the other day.” NEEB married Miss THOMPSON of Dallas. Living in the city, he was the bookkeeper for “a prominent Dallas grocery firm.”

     Bettie PRITCHARD of Queen City, TX, mentioned the marriage of Viola RODGERS and Ed HODGE of Atlanta, TX. The ceremony occurred on April 1.
     (Editor’s note: Bettie’s reprinted letter gives the names as Viola RODGES and Edd HODGE.)

     Thurman SADLER of Curtis, TX, told about the February 18 wedding of Emma HARRIS and Bud WALKER, both of Oplin, TX.

     At the end of this section, the editor provided guidelines for people to follow when writing to the column. In addition, individuals could get “Mercy Band buttons” by sending four cents in stamps to Mrs. T. J. CARR at 132 Forest Avenue in Dallas.

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