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     On 5 and 6 June 2009, the Texas Czech Genealogical Society (TCGS) will present a Czech family research workshop at the Caldwell Civic/Visitor Center in Caldwell, TX. The two-day seminar shows why TCGS has earned its reputation as the premier Czech genealogical resource  organization in the Lone Star State. Sessions are available for both beginning and experienced researchers. Examples of topics to be discussed are how to document the U. S. arrival of your Czech ancestor, Bohemian colony lands, how to use the internet to find Texas Czechs, the history of the Czech Moravian Brethren, LDS Czech holdings, an expanded cultural look at cemeteries, life in Roznov in the Czech Republic, the LDS - TCGS archive project, Hovezi's 500 year anniversary celebration, and "Czeching" your Czech. Speakers will be Charlene Hurta, Rev. John Gantt, Patrick Janis, Leo Baca, Carroll Scogin-Brincefield, Shon Edwards, Dalibor Jerabek, Ted Kaspar, Doug Kubicek, and Helen Kopecky Wilson.

     Although the internet furnishes a vast amount of material, some data can still be found only in books. The Wendt Genealogical Book Collection, an assortment of books owned by Arnold Pechal, and books owned by TCGS will be available for research. Individuals will be ready to assist you and use of a copy machine will be provided.

     For additional workshop details, such as registration fees, get in touch with Charlene Hurta, 1231 CR 201-A, Angleton, TX 77515 (phone 979-849-0348; e-mail or go to the website at

     All TOLLIVER/TOLIVER descendants are invited to attend the family's national reunion on 26 and 27 June 2009, at the Carl D. Perkins Community Center in Morehead, KY. A new project will be accumulating information and pictures of all veterans, living or deceased, for display each year. Known veterans include Moses, Jesse, and John TOLLIVER, who served in the American Revolution. Continuing activities will include exchanging of family data, eating a pot luck lunch, having a silent auction to raise funds to support the reunion, gathering family recipes for a book, and cleaning the Old Tolliver Cemetery where Craig and Jacob Finley are buried.

     Musical entertainment will be provided by the Evans Brothers, descendants of Jacob Finley TOLLIVER. Fred Brown, author of Days of Anger, will tell about the involvement of Jacob Finley's family in the Tolliver-Martin feud, which occurred between 1884 and 1887 in the Morehead, KY, area. Jacob Finley and all his sons were killed over a period of several years. Joyce Evans Black will share the memories of her mother, who was the daughter of Cate (shot on the steps of the courthouse in 1921) and granddaughter of Jacob Finley TOLLIVER. Bill Tolliver will display a 45-70 army rifle made in 1883; it was standard issue for the militia that came into Morehead during the feud.

     For more details, go to the website at or get in touch with Emma Lee and Bill Tolliver, 472 E. Torrence Rd., Columbus, OH 43214 (phone 614-267-6556; cell 614-620-6556; e-mail or Dr. J. D. Reeder, 121 Blackberry, Morehead, KY 40351 (phone 606-784-5669; e-mail:

     Like the previous four articles of my series, this column continues information about some of the early visitors to Spur. The selected names can be found in the 12 November 1909 issue of the newspaper, The Texas Spur. (For background information about this series of articles, see Kinsearching column dated 8 February 2009.)


     As we have seen, many visitors to Spur arrived, seeking a place to settle or to do business before returning home. A few individuals came for a temporary stay in order to check on their business connections already in the area.

     "Tip FOY, who has been in Spur several weeks looking after his business interests, returned this week to his home in Rotan." (p. 3, c. 1)

     "E. P. SWENSON and wife, and Willie WINDELL and wife, of New York, left this week after spending several days at Spur." (p. 4, c. 2)
     (Editor's Note: Eric Pierson SWENSON was the son of Swante Magnus SWENSON, the first Swedish immigrant to Texas, and one of the owners of the Spur Ranch.  For concise articles about the Swensons, the Spur Ranch, the town of Spur, and other related subjects, go to the Handbook of Texas Online website at

     Since commercial ties often extended elsewhere, businessmen in Spur sometimes had to travel and become visitors in other towns. For instance, "W. J. MABEN made a business trip to Rotan this week." (p. 4, c. 1)
     (Editor's Note: More information about MABEN can be found in Kinsearching column dated 1 March 2009.)

     Some visitors to Spur, however, came to spend time with friends and relatives who lived in the area. "Will CRAIG, of Mexico, came to Spur last week on a visit to Fred McFALL and family, of near Spur." (p. 3, c. 4).

     "Mrs. Mabel GAINER, of Gomez, Terry county, was here last week, visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. G. VAN LEER of near Spur." (p. 4, c. 1)
     (Editor's Note: Mrs. VAN LEER is also mentioned in Kinsearching column dated 26 April 2009.)

     "J. M. JONES, of Gorman, visited his son, M. L. JONES and family, of the Spur ranch. Mr. Jones is ranch-boss of the Spurs (sic)." (p. 3, c. 3)
     (Editor's Note: "Spurs" refers to the Spur ranch, from which the town derived its name.)

     Because the railroad went through Spur, some visitors were indeed just "passing through." For example, "Mr. J. W. ADAMS and daughters, Miss Julia and Mrs. J. W. GOLDEN, of Floydada, arrived in Spur on the 3:30 train Tuesday from a visit to central Texas. They spent the night in Spur and boarded the Floydada line car Wednesday morning for home." (p. 2, c. 4)

     "Mr. and Mrs. R. C. FORBIS, of Afton, were in Spur last week. Mr. FORBIS had just returned from a trip to Kansas City." (p. 3, c. 1)

(To be continued)

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