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     Since the print in old newspapers is sometimes faded in a few places, letters or numbers may sometimes be questionable. Despite this drawback, enough details may be gleaned to provide clues into other records pertaining to the event. (Because some terms may not be familiar to all researchers, a few editorial comments appear in parentheses after the entries.) The following death notices come from the newspaper, THE ABERDEEN CHRONICLE, Aberdeen, Scotland, 9 November 1816 (no. 527), p. 4, c. 4:

" Broomhill, near Aberdeen, on the 29th ult., Miss Mary BANNERMAN, fourth daughter of the late Charles BANNERMAN, Esq., Advocate in Aberdeen."
(Editor's note: "Ult." was a common abbreviation for "ultimo," meaning, in this case, the preceding month. "Late" refers to a deceased person. "Esq." is the abbreviation for "Esquire," which can have several meanings, including a title of courtesy. "Advocate" means lawyer or attorney.)

" Manse of Church, on the 29th of October,...Rev. John GORDON, Minister of Cabrach, in the 49th year of his age, and 21st of his Ministry."
(Editor's note: "Manse" refers to the minister's residence.)

" Port Louis_ia, the Isle of France, on the 5th June last, in his 2_th year...Mr. James GRAY, second son of Mr. James GRAY, Fraserburgh."
(Editor's note: This entry probably refers to Port Louis, a seaport and primary commercial center in Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean. Previously owned by France, it came under British rule in 1814.)

" Auchinblae, parish of Fordoun, on the 26th October, of a stroke of apoplexy, Mr. David KINNEAR, manufacturer there."
(Editor's note: In the past, "apoplexy" was often a vague medical term applied to any sudden death, especially one that started with an immediate loss of consciousness. For example, an unconscious condition may have been the result, of a seizure, heart attack, or stroke.)

" Old Aberdeen, on the 27th ult. Miss Margaret LESLIE, youngest daughter of the late Professor LESLIE of King's College."
(Editor's note: See comments for death notice for Mary BANNERMAN.)

", on the 3rd curt.?, James RAINNIE, infant son of George RAINNIE, Esq., Advocate, Aberdeen."
(Editor's Note: The faded word "curt." probably meant "cur.," an abbreviation for "current," meaning the current month. See also comments for death notice for Mary BANNERMAN.)

     Charles N. Ferguson, 811 South Market, Shawnee, OK 74801 is seeking information about the parents, siblings, and county of place for William Marion FURGASON, born about 1825 in Tennessee and died about 1869-70 in Fayetteville, AR, and his wife Martha, born about 1825 in Missouri and died after 1880 in Texas. What was Martha's maiden name? Where and when did she and William marry? Martha's father was born in Georgia; her mother was born in Missouri. William and Martha FURGASON had the following children:

1. James Wesley, b. Oct. 1848 in MO and died 1911 in Sparks, OK;
2. William Riley, b. Oct. 1849 in Red River Co., TX, and d. 1899 in TX;
3. John, b. in 1852 in Red River Co., TX;
4. Amos, b. in 1853 in Red River Co., TX;
5. Francis Marion, b. in 1854 in Red River Co., TX, and d. in 1945 in TX;
6. Coleman S., b. in 1858 in Red River Co., TX;
7. Richard B., b. in 1861 in TX; and
8. Charles A., b. April 1869 in Arkansas.

     There may also have been a daughter in this family. The FURGASON family resided in the Texas counties of Red River and Hopkins.

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